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March 31, 2011

   Most of us love polka dots. Well, polka dost are back! Polka dot has made a comeback in 2011 spring/summer collection recently seen in Marc Jacobs’ Resort 2011 collection that looked amazing. 
   Polka dots appear everywhere on everything from pumps to bags in shades from bold to pastel and sizes from large to small. At times polka dots can be tricky to wear, so  keep in mind  your proportions to the size of the dot and limit yourself to one polka-dotted piece at a time and you'll be fine!
   To some people a street is just a street. To others, it's a catwalk! Dare to wear dots!
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March 29, 2011

   As I was browsing the internet for style inspiration I came across headlines like "Orange Fever", "Orange -The color of 2011", "Orange is the new black!" etc. From delicate tangerines, to neon and deep terracotta – this season fashion is warming up. Check out some fresh squeezed ideas!
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March 27, 2011

Perfect day for new outfit post with my new T-shirt and an old clutch  :) And the clock goes tick-tock, tick-tock...

March 26, 2011

Dear To Wear presents you a new rubric :
♥ ♥ Fashion & Friends ♥ ♥
Trough this rubric you'll meet some of my friends and colleagues in very interesting outfits.
For start, my divine green/purple friend Bixy :)
When I saw her dressed like this the other day I was totally like WOW and I started taking photos of her like crazy, hahaha...  I just had to share her outfit with you. Hope you like it...

Which one? Which one? :P

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