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March 24, 2011

Pr!nt H!nt : Stripes

   Just like floral, animal or plaid prints, stripes are constantly coming back! Stripes can provide so many different styles for different situations. When wearing stripes remember not to overdo it. For the best look, wear stripes with only one print and match with something in a solid color, some skinny jeans, shorts or black leggings. The black and white stripes are a timeless classic piece. The blue and the white are for a more sailor retro look. If you opt for red and white stripes, match it with a white or red skirt, pants or jeans. 
  Even if you love all type of stripes remember to always choose wisely according to your body shape. A tricky decision is always whether to go for horizontal or vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes give the visual effect of widening your shape and vertical stripes can make you appear taller. As for the size of the stripes, the small ones are more chic and make you look slimmer, and the wider ones makes you look more relaxed. It's all about taste and style, but the most chic stripes remain the simple ones.
   I'm more into small vertical stripes, what about you? :)
Dare to wear stripes!
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  1. Sve mi se sviđa, i ne znam koju da izdvojim stvar, na mukama sam :) Predivan post, ja obožavam prugice!:)

  2. wow! great photos!! so cute!! :)

    ciao ciao from Rome


  3. @ Dragana Honey Daša:Hvala Dasho :) :*
    @ BExCLUSIVE MAGAZINE: Grazie! :) Following you...

  4. Obožavam prugice! :)) Pozdrav, Lilly

  5. nice pictures =)



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