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April 9, 2011

!!! Color Blocking !!!


   Something that has really caught my attention this season is color blocking trend. After a long, dark winter, cheerful hues are more than welcome. It is not a new trend as such but is definitely back with a big bang. The main idea is to mix colors that match but also, contrast.
   You don’t have to go full force with the trend all at once. Start with a single color blocked piece such as a top, skirt or handbag to ease your way into the trend.
  Don't be afraid of mixing unexpected colors like orange, green and purple in one outfit. Another great way to color block, is by keeping your outfit in the same color spectrum. A warm and juicy palette of pink, orange and red looks fabulous when color blocked, as well as a color blocked outfit in a cool palette of blues and greens. 
   Color blocking can be little tricky. Don't go for too much colors. Three colors in the mix are just enough to make your color blocked outfit perfect. The key to color blocking is balance. You can tone down your combination with some neutral pieces. 
    What do you think of color blocking trend? Have you tried it? If not here are some suggestions :)))
Dare to wear color blocking trend. 


  1. ljubicaste carape mi se najvise dopadaju :-)) mada se meni licno dopadaju jake boje podsecaju me na pozitivan stav i optimizam :-))))

  2. Obozavam ovaj trend,potpuno sam poludela za drecavim bojama:)
    Super blogic,pratim te:)

  3. baš mi se sviđa..dosta je više tamnih boja!

  4. obozavam ovaj trend, cvrsto sam odlucila da cu kupiti samo JEDNE jeans u boji al vec sada imam neki predosjecaj da ce ih biti vise :)



  5. Sve mi je divno u odabiru! Volim boje i volim ih kombinirati! Pratim! <3

  6. @ Manja : I ja "moram" da kupim neki jeans u boji, zelene ili narandzaste...
    @ Fashion Disorder : Hvala na pracenju. Pratim i ja :*
    @ Emina : Hvala :) :***
    @ Slavica : Hvala za comment :))) Me too :)


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