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August 29, 2011

   Stopped by just to say hello, I'm in a hurry, my favorite TV serie "Dexter" is starting soon! 
I mustn't miss a single episode :) OMG I'm in love with the serial killer, hahaha.
However, here's a new outfit post. Pictures were made today, before I went for a quick coffee with my best friend Alex. I was studying all day and I guess I deserved a little break. One more break for "Dexter" and I'll have to study some more, before going to bed. 
That's all folks! See you again soon! :***

August 28, 2011

    Neglected rubric for long, long time, but my wishlist is growing and growing every day. On the top of the wishlist are these wonderful floral sneakers (Wet Seal). I saw them accidentally on polyvore and immediately fell in love with them :)
The same print as mu clutch :) Remamber the outfit when I wore it? If not click here :)

August 25, 2011

   My first blog crush - The girl never gets older :) I'm not sure about the name of the author or where this girl come from, but I must say that she's amazing! She's 21 year old girl, studying Art History. Incredibly positive and modest pretty girl with a great fashion sense.
  This is what she says about herself:"... I haven't good camera, I haven't expensive clothes... I love dresses, skirts, high heeled shoes, books, music, bunnies, sweets, tiny pretty things, earlier decades /50's especially/, rockabilly stuff, pin up art and old animation".
   I'm impressed with her photos! Behind style inspirations her blog offers you some interesting tutorials too. Check it out! :)
Greeting until next post!

August 23, 2011

dress: Amisu, flats: not branded, owl: Olivera perlice

August 19, 2011

   The satchel used to be a school boy staple but satchel bags are making a comeback making them one of the must have accessories for 2011. They come in variety of colors and designs. These roomy bags allow one to stuff in just about everything. The satchel bags, unlike other bags should never go out of fashion because of the convenience factor. All you have to do is just pick the right satchel bag that goes with your style statement.
Boys wear them too :)
   And for the end i want to share a new blog award with you. Actually a whole package of blog awards! This time it came from Lily from blog Amo Lusso *****  Thanx Lily :*


Kisses until next post!

August 17, 2011

   ♥ ♥ FASHION & FRIENDS ♥ ♥ odavno zapostavljena rubrika na blogu. Zapostavljena rubrika ali ne i prijatelji :) Da nadoknadim, spremila sam izbor slichica dva outfita moje drugarice Marije. Marija obožava da nosi haljine, naročito u ove vrele letnje dane. Kombinuje različite stilove i floral junkie je kao i ja. Dobro možda ne baš junkie, ali makar uživaoc cvetnih motiva. Trenutno radim na ubeđivanju Marije da nam se pridruzi i napravi svoj blog i treba mi vaša pomoć :)

  ♥ ♥ FASHION & FRIENDS ♥ ♥, neglected rubric for a long time! Neglected rubric, but not neglected friends :) To make it up to you I prepared a selection of pictures of  my friend Marija's 2 outfits. Marija likes to wear dresses especially in these hot summer days. She combines different styles and she's floral junkie like me. Well, maybe not junke but she enjoys floral motifs. I'm trying to convince Marija to make her own blog so I need your help :)

Evo prvog outfita! Cvetici :)))
Here's the first outfit! Floral :)))

I drugi outfit! Plavo :)))
And the second outfit! Blue :)))

Nadam se da su vam se dopali Marijini outfiti. Pozdrav do sledećeg posta! :)
I hope you like Marija's outfits. Bye until next post! :)

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