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October 30, 2011

   Samo da vam se javim na brzinu i podelim sa vama par sličica mog današnjeg outfita. Plave nijanse :) Ja i plava ponovo  :) Tu je i predivna Tašnarija tašnica...

  Just a quick hello and a couple of pictures of my today's outfit. Blue hues :) Me and blue once again :) And here's a beautiful Tašnarija clutch...
 shirt: Gas, jeans: unbranded, jumper: unbranded, clutch: Tašnarija, sneakers: Converse All Star


October 29, 2011

  Whole this month was in token of chunky, oversized things - oversized sweaters, 
chunky knit scarves, collars with large, striking attachments. 
As an addition to that here are some pictures of chunky necklaces 
for the closing of this month's "chunky" posting. 
   Their popularity continues through this season too. The best way 
to add glamour to one's simple outfit is to wear dazzling jewelry,
especially those stunning necklaces.  
Chunky necklaces can be suitable for both formal and causal occasions.
  There's only one rule for chunky necklaces fashion trend - the bigger, the better.

October 28, 2011

   Stigoh i do te cifre - 100-ti post :) Još jedan outfit post! Par sličica samo jer mi poziranje nije baš išlo od ruke a htela sam da vam pokažem novu-staru AA majicu. Čizmice znate iz prethodnog outfit posta. Kao što vam napisah onda, nisam ih nosila baš dugo, par godina jer su mi nekako mnogo jednostavno izgledale. Onda sam ih malo osvežila nitnama i sada ih stalno nosim.  

  I came to that number - 100th post :) One more outfit post! Just a couple of photos  cause I wasn't in mood for posing but I wanted to show you my new/old AA shirt. You had an opportunity to see this boots in my previous outfit post. As I wrote you then, I didn't wear them a long time, a few years, beacuse I thought they were so ordinary. But I refreshed them with some studs and wear them often now.
shirt: American Apparel (Drop dead), jeans: Time Out, boots: unbknown (studs by me),
jacket: Shake up, bag: mom's

Song of the day :)))

October 26, 2011

   U prošlom postu dala sam vam nekoliko predloga kako možete ukrasiti kragnu neke košulje. Ja sam se odlučila za nitne. I ne samo košulju, nitnama sam refresh-ovala i jedne stare čizmice koje nisam nosila baš, baš dugo. Plus torbica sa nitnama, i džemperić na pruge - jedna neobično-obična kombinacija za fax. Ali kako su nam predavanja bila otkazana koleginica i ja smo ovo predivno popodne provele na keju uživajući u sunčevim zracima i bojama jeseni, pa je pala i neka fotkica...

  In my previous post, I gave you some suggestions how to decorate the shirt collar. My choice are studs. And not only shirt, I've also refreshed my old boots which I didn't wear long, long time. Plus to that a bag with studs and stripped sweater - one extraordinary-ordinary combination to wear on college. But since the lectures were cancelled we, my colleague and I, spent the beautiful afternoon on quay enjoying sun rays and colors of the fall, and made some photos...
shirt: Azzaro (studs by me), sweater: Dorothy Perkins, bag, boots: unbranded, hairstyle: wind :P

Song of the day :))))

October 24, 2011

 New rubric on D2W-Edit/Refresh! Here are some ideas how to edit/refresh your shirt that has been neglected a bit too long and make of it a statement peace by decorating it's collar.

1. Update your shirt collar with studs or spikes. It adds a little bit 
of glam rock to any outfit!
2. You can also try with pearls. 
Perfect way to spruce up an old shirt!
3. Actually you can attach whatever you like: beads, zircons, crystals,
sequins, rhinestones, pendants etc.
4. You can attach some brooches too...
I hope you like the ideas :) Kisses until next post!

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