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August 29, 2012

Hi girls (and guys)! :) Just a quick hello and couple of photos of 
some new stuff that arrived at my address these days.

 Another package from OASAP! Yeeeey! 
Here's what I ordered this time:

Stars Printing Leggings

Black pumps

Black Onyx Ring

This "Indian" print T-shirt came from Germany, from an online 
store YourOwnThing. I fell in love with it immediately 
when I saw it. What you think?

Indian T-shirt

This amazing vintage like spotted dress came from UK, from an 
online store EdieMac.com. Be sure to check their site, you'll find 
a lot of interesting designs.

Spot Print Midi Dress

And I got this cute little gift from our, domestic store Holi Gift Shop.
I just love this necklace! Ivana and Katarina thank you very much :***

And for the end here are the winners of 
Vivi Clothes and Chicnova.com Giveaways:

The winner of  €15 voucher for shopping on VIVI-clothes is:
Who says that 13 isn't lucky number? :)

 And the winner of $30 voucher for shopping on Chicnova.com is:
Congrats girls! You'll be contacted shortly by the sponsors or me :)

Kisses until next post!

August 27, 2012

Hello :) If you remember I wrote you about crochet trend before, in this post
I really like crochet clothing and finally, I found a perfect piece for me :) 
I got this lovely crochet dress from Emmaoclothing by Emma Ostergren.
You can find a dress like mine here, or check for other designs here.
 Besides being a designer, Emma is also a madel. Be sure to check her blog too here.

OUTFIT: crochet dress: Emmaoclothing flats: Vices jewellery: Unbranded,
dreamcatcher: by me 

Kisses until next post!

August 25, 2012

Just a quick hello, couple of photos of my yesterday's outfit.
Remember how I used to complain before that I couldn't decide which one is 
my favorite color. Well, officially, this summer it's blue, all hues of blue!
In this outfit I mixed my two favorite hues of blue: turquoise and royal blue. 
You already met my new babies from Ms. MaryMac, right?
I adore them :)

OUTFIT: pants: Zara, shirt: Unbranded, shoes: Ms. MaryMac,
 bag: Chanel replica, bracelet: BunnyBeCool, rings: Unbranded,
sunglasses: Sundriedtemporary tattoo: DCER tattoo

Regards until next post!

August 23, 2012

Time for a new inspirational post :)
This time I made a selection of photos of rings that grabbed my attention lately.
What you think? Do you like any?
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