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November 3, 2012

ONLINE SHOPPING| Jewellery pt.1

Today in "Online Shopping" rubric I want to introduce you some interesting online stores where 
you can find some cool, unique jewellery pieces.
Bellow the pictures you'll see the links where to find some items that interest you.

A Weathered Penny is an online jewellery store that I discovered lately. They are located in
 UK but they ship worldwide. I'm impressed with their jewellery pieces, they are unique and edgy.
On the picture bellow you can see my top ten favorite pieces from their store. I especially like
this bat ring and double stud ring.

1. Amethyst Necklace, 2. Black Cross Bracelet, 3. Bat ring, 4. Feather Bronze Collar,
5. Double Stud Ring, 6. Silver Tiny Skull Bracelet, 7. Sparrow Ring,
8. Pastel Skull Cluster, 9. Short Bullet Necklace, 10. Skull Bracelet

Another jewellery store that I recommend is Estarer.On Estarer you'll find a wide range of fashion
 jewellery. You had an opportunity to see me wearing some necklaces from their store in this 
and this outfit post. Here are some items from their store that found place on my jewellery wishlist.
I especially like this cross double ring.
1. Vintage Feather Necklace, 2. Colorful Chain Bracelet, 3. Vintage Tigereye Ring
4. Spike necklace, 5. Skull Earrings, 6. Gold Pyramid Necklace, 7. Vintage Ring,
8. Cross Ring, 9. Red Drop Earrings, 10. Deer Pendant Necklace

I already wrote you about eFoxcity before, in this post. Then I shared my top 10 picks when it
 comes to clothes. Now I want to share with you my favorite pieces of jewellery from their store.
Just to remind you eFoxcity is an online fashion clothing  wholesaler. They are located in China 
but they ship worldwide. They offer womens and mens clothing, wedding dresses  and
special occasion dresses. Besides all that they have a large range of trendy fashion
 jewellery pieces. Here are my top 10 jewellery picks from their store. I especially like this 
starfish ring. What you think?

1. Silver Vintage Necklace, 2. Starfish Ring, 3. Bronze Chain Earrings
4. Heavy Metal Bracelet, 5. Double Chain Spikes Ring, 6. Triangle necklace,
7. Vintage Hearts Dual Ring, 8. Hollow Out Petals Necklace,
9. Red Wide Bracelet, 10. Triangular Earrings

What you think about my picks?
Like anything?
Kisses until next post!


  1. http://www.efoxcity.com/euro-style-vintage-hollow-out-petals-fake-neck-necklace-atsp46382.html prelepo

  2. this is just magic, you are wonderful.

  3. bas si lepe stvari pronasla i preporucila :D

  4. Ptičica prsten je fenomenalan, definitivno favorit :)

  5. So so many gorgeous accessories! I love the ring with the bird - it is too cute!

  6. Great accessories Katarina! Can't pick my favorites. :)


  7. Joj odlican je nakit! :D
    Eno ga moj prstencic pod brojem 3 u prvoj grupi <3

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  9. i love almost every jewlery you've found - love love love!
    great post :)

  10. predivan nakit,moglo bi se sta i za mene probrati :D

  11. Loving those accessories!

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  12. Great post! I love all of this pictures!

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  13. The wall papers used in this post increase its beauty. Very informative blog. please keep updating this...

  14. Awesome collections , Hopefully, the people who buy the assets will set up shops exclusively in right-to-work states.

  15. As we know that what's the importance of online shopping, the most advantage that we can save our time. As per your post I can see the amazingly and beautiful.

  16. Gorgeous collections. I love the sparrow ring! Thanks for sharing. Buying jewellery online really offers less hassles.

  17. Awesome jewellery! I am completely in love with these fashion jewellery! I am so grateful you created enough a chance to make these amazing items.

  18. Those double stud rings are Must-Haves! Costume jewellery is my weakness, How am I going to resist this post!

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