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February 20, 2013

Hello lovelies! Kroz nekoliko prethodnih outfit postova i online shopping rubriku 
na mom blogu već ste se upoznali sa japanskom online prodavnicom NOWISTYLE
Danas želim da sa vama podelim par fotki s novim komadima nakita -
preslatkim NOWISTYLE narukvicama.

Hello lovelies! I already had a chance to introduce you an online japanese store
called NOWISTYLE through my outfit posts and online shopping rubric.Today
 I want to share with you couple of photos with some new pieces in my jewellery 
box - cute NOWISTYLE bracelets.

bracelets: NOWISTYLE  sweater: CHICNOVA
bowler hat: SAMMYDRESS

Pozdrav do sledećeg posta!
Regards until next post!

February 18, 2013


Novu, za neke radnu za neke neradnu, nedelju započinjemo jednim inspiration postom. 
Odavno nije bilo ovakvih postova na blogu (i odavno nisam pisala na srpskom XD)
 što su mi neki od vas i zamerili. Da nadoknadimo izgubljeno, za danas jedan
rock chic/edgy mix - malo nitni, malo spajkova, galaxy, karo i military printova
kao i make-up ideja. ...& Rock 'n' Roll! :) Uživajte!

It's been a while since we had an inspiration post here. Some of you have criticized 
 me about that. To catch up, for today here's one rock chic/edgy mix - a bit of
studs, a bit of spikes, galaxy, plaid and military prints as well as some make-up
ideas. ...& Rock 'n' Roll! :) Enjoy! 

All pictures found on www.weheartit.com

P.S. Kako se bliži ulazak Dare 2 Wear-a u treću godinu postojanja
mislila sam napraviti neke izmene na istom. Za početak u vizelnom pogledu
te je tu novo zaglavlje i propratni detalji, a onda i u pogledu rubrika.
O rubrikama otom potom... Kako vam se dopada novi izgled bloga?

P.S.  New blog design is here! Soon you can expect some changes when
it comes to rubrics as well. As Dare 2 Wear will soon enter the third year
of it's existing I thought it would be a great chance to make some
changes. What do you think about new look of the blog?

Pozdrav do sledećeg posta!
Regards until next post!

February 16, 2013


Hello there! Exams in this exam period are finally over and I took a couple
 of days off to visit my boyfriend who lives in nearby town. So, that's the reason why
I was inactive on the blog these days. But I'm back now, and new 
outfit is here! New mint sweater is from an online store SAMMYDRESS.
Jeggings are also new, I got them from TOO SEXY STORE. The rest of the items
 of an outfit you already had a chance to see in my previous outfits.
Oh, I'm so sleepy, got to go to bed... Yes, I know it's Saturday! XD

O U T F I T:
 jeggings: TOO SEXY STORE
necklace: ROMWE

Until next post :**

February 12, 2013

Hey, hey :) New outfit is finally here! Sorry for the delay, I've been busy learning
for an Anthropology exam. Unlike other exams this one is actually really interesting
cause you can choose whatever books you want to read and talk about them on the
 exam. You can choose from different disciplines like: philosophy, theology, sociology,
 psychology etc. One of the books I chose, which I highly recommend you to read,
is The Art Of Loving from Erich Fromm. Fromm begins this book with an attempt to 
determine what is our most basic need in life. Many great thinkers have tried to answer 
this question and they have come up with many different answers. Erich Fromm feels 
that man's greatest necessity is to find union, or togetherness, in order to escape from the 
prison of his aloneness. Experience of separateness, Fromm feels, is the fundamental
 cause of anxiety and despair. People have tried many different ways to satisfy this 
need for togetherness. However, the only way that has ever been completely 
successful is through the act of love... I can't reveal you more, you must read the 
book for yourself. Valentine's day is near, you might need some useful tips XD
For the end couple of words about the outfit. Blouse and shorts are new items
in my closet. I got them from an online store NOWISTYLE. I combined them
with the faux leather jacket from DINO DIRECT and my favorite tights from H&M.
Here's also (again) a bowler hat from SAMMYDRESS which I simply adore.
What you think?

O U T F I T:
blouse: NOWISTYLE// shorts: NOWISTYLE//
jacket: DINO DIRECT// boots & bag: OASAP//
tights:H&M// necklace: ANA JEFFREY// hat: SAMMYDRESS


February 6, 2013

Hello Lovelies! Hope you are all doing great. New outfit post is here. Photos were made 
yesterday, before I went for a quick coffee with my best friend Alex. I was studying all day 
and I guess I deserved a little break. Couple of days ago I received a package from one of 
my favorite online stores - CHOIES. It was this amazing boyfriend t-shirt. It's called 
boyfriend t-shirt but my brothers are definitely going to steal it from me. XD

O U T F I T:
boyfriends t-shirt: CHOIES// pants: ZARA// jacket: UDOBUY//
boots: OASAP// hat: SAMMYDRESS//
bracelets: MART OF CHINA

Enjoy the day!
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