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March 6, 2013

INSPIRATION| 10 Fashion Trends For Spring/Summer 2013

New season is just around the corner and what we all especially love about every 
new season is that it unveils new gorgeous fashion trends and breathes freshness 
and liveliness into our wardrobes. The upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 fashion trends 
bring a dizzying variety of stunning fashion pieces and interesting ideas worthy of any sophisticated fashionista’s wardrobe. Fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2013 promise to
 be bright and sharp, so that everyone is able to find something alluring for their personal
 style. So let’s go ahead and take a sneak peek at the hottest trends to come!

When it comes to fashion, what goes around comes around. This season fashion 
goes back to Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany’s 1950s polka dot dress, evoking
 a highly feminine delicacy and sophistication for the upcoming  Spring/Summer.
 The classic black and white polka dot duet is the ultimate detail for a discreet contrast
 in a minimalist look with an elegant edge. Flirty, retro and whimsical, big, medium or
 small-sized, polka dots suit everyone.

As we all know, stripes are the classic trend which never goes out of fashion. Whether 
skinny or fat, minimal or psychedelic stripes were all over Spring/Summer 2013 
runways. It's easy to wear them and always look comfortable and chic.

Fringe-accenting is making a comeback for Spring/Summer 2013. From casual 
sportswear to formal eveningwear fringe was found all over the Spring/Summer 2013
 runways. From clothing to accessories, fringe can be seen everywhere. Best thing 
about this trend is that it can be interpreted in many ways and adds a fun, unique
 finish to your look. Fringe gives bohemian 70's touch to everything. Make sure to
 not pass up this retro-inspired trend.

Last Spring designers paid much attention to gold and silver shades and fabrics, 
and this year they have expanded the range of sparkling colors and shining fabrics 
by presenting various clothing pieces and accessories in different colors with a 
metallic sheen. 

Asymmetry with a nice twist is still a huge hit in the spring/ summer 2013.This year, 
asymmetry is reflected by a piece of fabric hanging out from one side of a dress or
 a skirt, rather than some asymmetrical cutouts

Oh, those sweet floral prints! They seem to not have the intention to go out of style 
and we are so happy for this. This season’s florals come in soft pastel colors and 
vibrant hues, all of which are some variation of the garden theme. Florals are all 
about having fun with fashion and embracing the joy and romance of Spring. Be 
prepared to embrace your inner lady with floral print dresses, shirts, shoes, and 
even sunglasses.

Pleats are back, and they’re going to be with us for a while yet. This is a trend that is 
about early 20th century influences and a sense of elegance, or a contrasting sense of
 70′s glamour. When you’re looking for a statement, pleated item designers are 
recommending maxi or midi dresses and skirts. Shorter pleated items will come back 
in, but it’s too early for a school-girl skirt revival just yet.

Sweet ruffles and lovely peplum seem not to want to go out of style. This year, 
they become even trendier and more spectacular appearing on dresses, skirts, 
blouses and other pieces. Ruffles appear on the sleeves of blouses, on skirts and 
dresses giving more volume to the entire image, while peplum keeps on appearing
 on feminine dresses, blazers, blouses, skirts and more

Glittery rhinestones are on the height of fashion this warm season. Many clothing 
pieces come decorated with jewels, becoming ideal options for special occasions. 
If you want to transfer the trend to street, play with smaller pieces, such as a 
bejeweled belt or collar. 

 10. LACE

Lace has been a big favorite on the runways for a few seasons already, 
and this sophisticated, ladylike fabric is still a great hit in the new warm 

What trends are you going to incorporate in your everyday style?
Kisses until next post!

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  3. Super post! Tufnice <3

  4. Hope floral and leaf prints are sticking round for Autumn/Winter :) Loving them at the mo! xx

  5. There are some lovely floral and patterned outfits about. I am sure they are here to stay for a while.


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