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June 30, 2013

Hello there! Today we're going few weeks back. As you know I missed to publish 
May outfits recapitulation. May was totally messy month, I  was so busy with exams and
 that reflected on my blog posts, especially outfit ones. There were just six outfits. So, 
thought that it would be a better idea to wait for the June outfits and recap them together.
This month there were twice as more outfits, so total eighteen outfits are in front of you. 
As always I'll be happy to read your opinion about the most favorite outfit post or piece 
of clothing from previous two months. Bellow the photos you'll find text links that lead
to full posts in case you missed some of the outfits or want to check it again.

P.S. Dear GFC subscribers, since Google Reader is shutting down tomorrow
if you wish to stay updated with my blog you can follow me via Bloglovin' HERE
and facebook HERE.

Regards until next time,

June 27, 2013

Morning lovelies! New outfit is here! I'm not sure that 18 degrees can count as 
a summer! I didn't think I'll need my favorite jacket before October, but, this summer 
is full of suprises XD. However things stand I won`t let the weather spoil my mood!

jacket: UDOBUY// vest: NOWISTYLE// leggings: AFW SHOP// 
flats: VICES// bag: NOWISTYLE// sunnies: SUNDRIED// 
earrings: C&S FASHION// ring: ESTARER

Greetings until next post ,

June 25, 2013

Hey, I'm back :) How are you? Just a quick hello today and couple of photos of the 
outfit from the other day. Crochet + Zig Zag :) You could see me wearing this crochet 
dress in this outfit post from last Summer. Tribal print leggings are from OMG FASHION 
and new necklace with black crystal is from BELLAST.

dress: EMMA O CLOTHING// leggings: OMG FASHION//
 flats: VICES// necklace: BELLAST//
sunnies: ANA JEFFREY//  bracelet: MART OF CHINA

Kisses until tomorrow,

June 20, 2013

Quick hello for today! Currently I'm out of my town, I'm at my boyfriend's. It's his 
birthday today so I came to cellebrate it together. Before the party starts I have a little
time to share with you couple of photos of an outfit from the other day. Enjoy!

dress: NOWISTYLE// bag: AFW SHOP (find it here)// flats: VICES//
necklaces (here & here) & earrings (here): GOFAVOR/ sunnies: ZERO UV

Kisses until next time,

June 17, 2013

Hello everyone! Here we are again with another week ahead of us :) How was your
weekend?  For today couple of photos of an outfit from the other day (so taken with the old
camera). I absolutely love tribal prints. Tribal prints are a trend that never really disappears
 from the fashion scene. There are just times that they are in the forefront more then other
seasons.Tribal prints give a cool boho look. I found this lovely oversized tribal t-shirt on an
online store ZLZ. Another novelty in my closet are these fake leather leggings from  
AFWSHOP. Feather necklace gives another touch of boho. What you think?

t-shirt: ZLZ// faux leather leggings: AFWSHOP//
flats: OASAP// necklace: NOWISTYLE// ring: ESTARER

Kisses until next time,
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