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July 30, 2013

Morning folks! I barely slept last night, too much heat man. I woke up early and I feel
like trash. XD But nothing that a good cup of coffee can't fix. :) My morning ritual goes
 like this: I make some coffee, sit in front of my computer, turn on some music (this days
 I'm listening to The Ramones first album - Ramones), check my mailbox and social
networks and make plans for the day. After a cup of coffee and couple of damn cigarettes
 I'm ready to function. My boyfriend's coming today. Yeeeey! We haven't seen each other
for about a month. So, all the plans for today are related to him. Anyway, new outfit
with the new t-shirt from CHOIES is here. Bleached jeans and favorite pair of chucks.
Casual and above all comfortable combo. Bandana, round sunglasses and chunky silver
plated chain from BELLAST to give a final touch of rock chic. As usual I'll be glad to
 read your thoughts...

t-shirt: CHOIES// jeans: FOREVER 21// shoes: CONVERSE//
chain: BELLAST// sunnies: ANA JEFFREY// bandana: unbranded

Kisses until next time,

July 28, 2013

Hey there! Never enough of jewellery, that's my parole! Today I present you the latest 
contribution to my jewellery collection, new necklaces and rings. Below each photo you 
will find direct links to the stores and pieces where you can find all the necessary info.









Kisses until next time,

July 24, 2013

Hi guys! How are you? Just a quick hello and couple of photos of the outfit that 
I wore today. The most of the items you already had a chance to see me wearing
in my past outfits. What is new is this galaxy + triangle + mustache print t-shirt 
from an online store BANGGOOD and chunky double chain beads necklace
from an online jewellery store GOFAVOR.

t-shirt: BANGGOOD// jeans: TIME OUT// shoes: THBOXES//
clutch: DARE 2 WEAR for TAŠNARIJA// necklace: GOFAVOR//
sunglasses: ZERO UV

Kindest regards until next post,

July 19, 2013

Hey ho, let's go! New post is here and it's dedicated to one of my favorite bands ever-
 Ramones! I got this amazing Ramones t-shirt this morning from a Japanese online shop
 NOWISTYLE. I was so happy when I opened the package and I couldn't wait much to 
share it with you. I hope you like the way I combined it. As always I'll be glad to 
read your thoughts...

Ramones t-shirt: NOWISTYLE// vest: CHOIES// skirt: OASAP//
sneakers: PHIX CLOTHING// sunglasses: CHICNOVA

Big thanks to my brother Stefan for the lovely photos and to my friend
Vlada for lending me the Ramones flag for photo shooting!

See you guys again, soon!

July 17, 2013

Hello guys! New outfit is here! When I was younger I used to experiment a lot 
with my hair. I was redhead, brunette, purple... long hair, short hair, fringe, no fringe...
Nowadays I'm not sure if I want to make some radical change. I like my hair just how 
it is, but sometimes... sometimes it comes to my mind that I could really do something. 
But every time I cut or dye my hair I regret it. So before I do something stupid wigs are 
perfect solution to meet my desires. Thanks to WONDERLAND WIGS couple of days 
ago I got two amazing wigs. Here's one of them and the other you'll have a chance to 
see in some of my future posts. Do you like this one? And what you think about my 
new cap from CHICNOVA?

t-shirt: DIRTY SHIRTY// shirt: CHOIES// jeans: CHEAP MONDAY//
sneakers: CONVERSE// cap: CHICNOVA (find it here)

P.S. In case you missed it, I have teamed up with WONDERLAND WIGS to give
 one lucky reader a wig of it's choice. If you have doubts like me or just wanna have
fun you can join the giveaway HERE.

Kisses until next time!
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