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August 31, 2013

Hey there! For today couple of photos of an outfit from yesterday. I took a break from 
writing a seminar and went out for a cup of coffee with my friends. Here's what I was
 wearing. One totally casual and above all comfortable combination, denim on denim
and black and white. Waiting to read your thoughts...

top: ROMWE// jeans: TIME OUT// shirt: VATENO// 
shoes: CONVERSE// bag & sunnies: CHICNOVA

 Have a great weekend babes,

August 27, 2013

Hey dolls, just a few words and more photos today! New, a bit different than usual,
outfit is here! For today I wanted to create some sort of a rockabilly/psychobilly look.
Lately I'm really into this kind of styles and I'm planning to incorporate them more
 into my personal way of dressing. Can't wait to read your thoughts...

dress: trifted // shoes: OASAP// bandana: unbranded// sunnies: SUNDRIED//

Kisses until next time,

August 24, 2013

Hello dolls! After a short pause in posting, new post is here! For today couple of photos
of an outfit that I wore yesterday. You already know that I adore cats, so it's not a surprise
to see me wearing a piece with cat print on it again. I found this amazing dress on an online
 store VATENO. It was love at first site, and I had to have it :)))
As always I'll be happy to read your thoughts...

sunglasses: CHICNOVA// necklace: SPARK// rings: CNS FASHION, ALICE OF OZ//

Enjoy the rest of the day! Kisses until next time,

August 18, 2013

First midnight post! I hope you're having a great weekend and enjoying the Summer
to the fullest. New outfit is here! All black one after a long time! I know, Summer is all
about colors and prints, but these days I feel most comfortable wearing black. For this 
occasion I've added a bit of red and gold trough details. Enjoy the photos and don't
forget to drop a line if you like it... or don't... or whatever XD

tank top: CHICNOVA// leggings & tights: ROMWE// boots: OASAP//
bag: CHICNOVA// sunglasses: WOWVINTAGE// ring: ESTARER//

Bye, bye,

August 17, 2013

The true beauty of a fashion trend often lies in its unpredictable evolution and we love to 
capture that same evolving spirit just as it is about to reach for another destination.We have 
already witnessed neo-grunge grow up as a fashion trend in 2013 but there’s clearly more of 
channeling our rebellious side in the second half of the year, as a glam punk-rock revival hit 
the fashion scene in a confident step.
Punk over the years has incorporated many subcultures and substyles. Regardless of these, the 
core was always a sense of rebellion and controversy; something meant to shock. In today’s 
fast world, shock is something that is much harder to do. Perceived rather as a fashion statement 
and less as a subculture, punk in 2013 is merely about the right attitude, about enhancing your
 style with some tough accessories. So studs and spikes again! And heavy boots :)

Kisses until next post,
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