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November 17, 2013

Hey guys :) How are you? I feel a bit sleepy... and tired... and lazy... and bored to death!
Don't feel like writing much... Stupid Sundays! Anyway, new outfit is here! I wore this sweater
 earlier this week and it's definitely a new favorite in my closet. I just love it's color and texture
plus these studs and spikes on the shoulders. I hope you like it too...

 photo blue04_zps8e654f60.jpg
sweater: 2DAYSLOOK// jeans: FOREVER 21// bag: CNDIRECT//


November 14, 2013

Morning dolls! Black on black . . . on black outfit for the X time on my blog. Black. I can’t get 
enough of it. “What’s your favorite color?” Black. Always my answer. Today I'm wearing my new 
quilted faux leather sleeved coat and ripped jeans from LOOKBOOKSTORE, skull motif t-shirt 
and clutch bag and favorite boots from PERSUNMALL. Looking forward to your thoughts about
the outfit or favorite item. . .

t-shirt: CHOIES// boots: PERSUNMALL// necklace: ROMWE//

Regards until next post,

November 10, 2013

Happy Sunday dolls! My Sunday will definitely be happy when my friend arrives today from 
Czech Republic with a bottle of absinthe XD Anyway, new outfit is here! I might be a bit late on 
the bandwagon with this one but creepers have been praying on my mind for months! When they 
first appeared on the scene I was unsure if they were for me. As cool as they looked on others I 
never thought I'd pull them off. But, I decided to give them a shot though and I'm so glad I did.
I found these on PERSUNMALL, and two more pairs are on their way to me. Can't wait to 
receive them!!! :)) What you think about creepers? I'd love to read your thoughts...

jacket: WOAKAO// dress (worn as skirt): MART OF CHINA//
sweater: INSANE JUNGLE// creepers: PERSUNMALL//
bag: CHICNOVA// tights: ROMWE

Regards until next post,

November 8, 2013

Good morning readers! Couple of words today and couple of photos of yesterday's outfit. One
of the most exciting things about this season is that it’s totally okay to pull out the fur again! When
I'm talking about fur, of course, I think about animal-friendly version of it. I'm not a huge fan of fur
coats but my obsession are vests. Last year I was crazy about them, but couldn't find that perfect
one. But I found it this year - fuzzy, furry, cozy, not too short, black faux fur vest thanks to one of
my favorite online stores CHICNOVA. In yesterday's outfit for going out for a cup of coffee and
chit-chat with my friends I wore it over a casual plaid shirt and new black ripped jeans from
 LOOKBOOKSTORE with biker boots from PERSUNMALL. Red bag with skull embelishments
and tassels is the latest contribution to my bag collection. I found it on LOOKBOOKSTORE.
What you think about my new pieces and do you like how I combined them?

fur vest: CHICNOVA// jeans: LOOKBOOKSTORE)// 
shirt: CHOIES// boots: PERSUNMALL//  

Enjoy the weekend! Kisses,

November 2, 2013

Hello babes! I hope you're enjoying your weekend. I was planning to go out tonight, but I
quit in a last minute. I'd rather stay home, make some dinner and watch TV. Lately I'm addicted 
to History channel, especially to shows: Ancient Aliens, Counting Cars and Storage Wars.
Fashion part. I know I'm a broken record, but skulls motif is still my favorite when it comes to 
clothes and accessories. So, today nothing new... just my fave combination. I hope you like it!

jacket: WOAKAO/ dress: IMOMOI/ boots: OASAP/
necklace & tights: ROMWE// bag: CHICNOVA

photos: Stefan Živković

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Kisses until next time,
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