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December 24, 2014

Hey guys! Just a couple of words today and couple of photos of a new outfit and my purple
 again, ombre hair. I'm wearing some new pieces that I got lately. I'm so, so in love with my new
 edgy skeleton print sweater from OASAP! I matched it with red biker jacket and ripped jeans.
These plaid cuffed combat boots are also new, and I found them on one amazing online store
called AMICLUBWEAR. You should totally check them out, they have so many cool pieces!

jacket: STYLEMOI jeans: TBDRESS sweater: OASAP


December 22, 2014

Hey girls! Sorry I've been MIA lately. Finally I managed to make some photos, though they lack 
quality due to "amazing" weather we're having. Today it was sunny, maybe to sunny for shooting, 
but brrrrr cold and windy. And my hair was terrible, the color washed out and it's ends look ugly,
so later today I went to my hairdresser and my ombre is purple again and I had to cut my hair
a bit. You'll see how it looks in the next couple of days. Anyway, let's back to what I'm wearing.
Today I'm in boho mood, wearing NEXTSHE knitted geometric pattern kimono with tassels,
light jeans, black blouse, ONLYMAKER knee-high boots, wide brimmed hat and coin plated 
necklaces from OASAP and Chloé inspired biiiiig round sunnies from GIANT VINTAGE. I
hope you like how it looks all together. Let me know your thoughts.

sweater: NEXTSHE boots: ONLYMAKER hat: OASAP
sunnies: GIANT VINTAGE necklace: OASAP

December 4, 2014

Hey everyone! Here's the first outfit post of gloomy and freezing December, featuring some novelties
from my closet. First, here's this super cool electric blue coat from an online store ELITE99. As, you
 already know, electric blue is besides black... OK and red, my favorite color, and I can never get
enough of items in this blue hue. I really recommend you to check ELITE99, they have so many 
 awesome items on their site right now. Next novelty are these metal buckle decorated ankle boots
from TIDESTORE. Lately I'm totally crazy about ankle boots, and I fell in love with this ones the
very first moment I saw them. Finally, new items that I got recently are also this cute skull bag from
ECHOPAUL and mirror sunglasses from FREYRS. I hope you like how it looks all together. 

coat: ELITE99 sweater: PRETTY GUIDE bag: ECHOPAUL sunglasses: FREYRS


November 19, 2014

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing fine. Less words today. I wanna share with you photos I did earlier 
today with my photographer friend Jelena. Enjoy the autumn scenery, followed by one of my favorite
 songs from The Smashing Pumpkins. I was wearing some new pieces which I got earlier this week: 
amazing coat from HOODBOYZ, rivet boots and camouflage print bag from TBDRESS. And here's
 the latest contribution to my growing collection of  round sunglasses, silver Lennon's. They arrived 
from TBDRESS too. Don't forget to write a line or two in the comment box.

November 11, 2014

Hey guys! New outfit post is finally here! Today I'm styling some new items that I got lately,
amazing red PU biker jacket from STYLEMOI and star lace up sneakers from OASAP.
Finally, as you can see, after months of thinking and thinking, and bitching here on the blog
about how I want to change something about my hair, I DID IT! I just woke up one day
and decided to do an ombre. Purple ombre :D Well, color is not uniform, there are different
shades since my natural hair doesn't stand bleaching very well, but I love how it turned
out :D I hope you like it too. I' look forward to your thoughts about my new hair, and the
outfit as well.

jacket: STYLEMOI sneakers: OASAP
jeans: CHEAP MONDAY ● blouse: ZARA ● necklace: H&M

October 29, 2014

Morning dolls! How I pick out my outfits? I usually get this question in interviews, from people I
 know, etc. Well there is no exact formula that I use when coming up with outfit ideas. Usually I start 
with one item; either it is a top, or the shoes or even the bag and  then I slowly start adding the
rest of the pieces. This time I started with my new sweatshirt in tropical print from STYLEMOI.

Even though I'm a floral junkie, sometimes I think they are too feminine for me, so I like to wear
them in a rock chic way. So here's a biker jacket, faux leather leggings and my fave combat 
boots. Plus some edgy accessories and voila. I hope you like it! Let me know your thoughts.

sweatshirt: STYLEMOI ● leggings: CHICNOVA ●  jacket: WOAKAO
boots: PERSUNMALL ● sunnies: O3 ● necklace: ROMWOMEN

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