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January 27, 2014

Hey guys! This is what I was talking about the other day. Winter cruelness has come. Snow...
It's damn cold outside. I told you I'm not ready for that! Today I wanna present you a very cozy
 look. I am sure you know this kind of days on which you just aren't in the mood for huge styling 
session and just wanna pull on something comfortable and cozy. So, ripped jeans, new sweater 
from FOYMALL and favorite coat. Some red details... What you think about my new red
 boots? I just adore them! I found them on DRESSLILY. Looking forward to your comments...

sweater: FOYMALLjeans: TIME OUT ▲ coat & bag: LOOKBOOKSTORE
boots: DRESSLILYbeanie: FRONT ROW SHOPscarf: unbranded ▲
sunglasses: WOW VINTAGE 

P.S. In the next couple of days I might not be able to post regularly, I'm leaving town
tomorrow, going to visit my boyfriend. As soon as I get back I'll bring you new posts.
Kisses until then,

January 24, 2014

Hey dolls! This Winter is so confusing, one day it looks like Spring has arrived earlier, it's warm and
 sunny and the next day it's cold and rainy. But, we haven't felt the real cruelness of Winter yet. Snow
 and low temperatures are yet to set in. I'm not ready for that! I hate everything about Winter! Well,
maybe not everything... I love the silence of a snowy world. I like the thick, fluffy snow and I like 
seeing it on the ground sparkling beneath the street lights. I love that the stars seem brighter. I love 
winter clouds... I love jumpers, big, fluffy, thick, warm jumpers... and winter accessories too. I love
to stay home and watch a movie without feeling like I'm "wasting" the evening. And nothing gets rid 
of the chill like a mug full of coffee or hot tea, and nothing satisfies your sweet tooth like a big old
 hot chocolate. I hate everything else. 
Fashion part: New outfit's here! All black combinations are reserved for Winter, but the pieces
I'm wearing are crying for warmer days. I got this dress from EYEBOXS online store. Cat print 
tights are from FOYMALL and cat flats are from LOVELYSHOES. You already saw this fluffy
coat from JOLLYCHIC in my previous outfit. I love it so much, and I think you'll see it often on
my blog this Winter.

bag: JI JI KIKI ▲ chain ring: MY RARE LOVE ▲ spike ring: ESTARER
nails: GLITTER GAL (color: True Blue Aussie)

♬ Song of the day ♬

Kisses until next post,

January 16, 2014

Today I'm dealing with writer's block so there won't be anything interesting to read here (not 
that there usually is, haha!). You already know that electric blue is (after black) my favorite color. 
I have so many items in this color, and I told myself enough! But when I saw these biker boots
 on EASTCLOTHES I just had to have them. Lately I'm in love with all things fluffy and this coat
 from JOLLYCHIC is just perfect! I love this shop, they have so many cool stuff! I also found 
these plaid pants and skeleton print blouse there... What you think about my new pieces? 
Looking forward to your comments...

plaid pants: JOLLYCHIC// blouse: JOLLYCHIC//
  fluffy coat: JOLLYCHIC// boots: EASTCLOTHES//
bag: CNDIRECT// necklace: GOFAVOR// hat: FRONT ROW

Kisses until next post,

January 14, 2014

My hair is black again! ...After dying it in purple which showed to be a total disaster. I washed it 
couple of times and it turned to brown. WTF? o.O If you remember, I was thinking about going 
redhead, but I changed my mind. It takes a lot of care, regular dying... I'm not that person! XD
And... new outfit is here! Black on black on black with the touch of purple. My collection of round 
sunglasses is growing. I'm totally in love with the latest contribution to it - purple ones from WHOLOSALECELEBSHADES. And my team of creepers shoes got a new member too, thanks
 to LOVELYSHOES. Fringe vest from ROSEWHOLESALE and crosses print leggings from 
NEW FROG are new items in closet. I hope you like how I combined it all. Looking forward 
to your thoughts.

 photo purple3_zpsfca7eac4.jpg
 photo purple4_zpsa4e9f2b2.jpg
 photo purple10_zps3433126b.jpg
leggings: NEW FROG// sweater: old // vest: ROSEWHOLESALE// bag: CHICNOVA//

Keep in touch,

January 9, 2014


Hey there guys! My obsession for baseball jackets continues in 2014. I got this one couple of days
ago from TBDRESS. And one more its on it's way to me XD For today, one punkish school girl
outfit. I hope you like it! :) Looking forward to your thoughts...

skirt: unbranded// sweater: VATENO// boots: OASAP// tights: TIGHTS PLEASE//
baseball jacket: TBDRESS

Kisses until next post,

January 7, 2014

Hello dolls! First I would like to wish a Merry Christmas to everybody who's celebrating it today.
For this post here are couple of photos of an outfit featuring some new pieces I got recently. New,
eyes print sweater is from an online store DRESSYOURS and jeans are from WOAKAO. One
totally casual and comfortable combination. As always I'll be happy to read your thoughts...

sweater: DRESSYOURS// jeans: WOAKAO// boots: OASAP// bag: CNDIRECT//
jacket: DINODIRECT// sunnies: CHICNOVA//  ring: SAMMYDRESS

Kisses until next post,
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