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February 27, 2014

Hey guys! Here's one late night post, photos of the outfit I wore today. Back to my comfort zone!
I just love this oversized military jacket. You already had a chance to see it on my blog in this outfit.
Today I matched it with camo creepers, skull print T-shirt from CHOIES, black skirt and my
favorite distressed pair of tights. All that with a hint of orange in shape of clutch envelope bag
and lip gloss. What you think?

jacket: INSANE JUNGLEshirt: CHOIESskirt: ZARA ▲ creepers: EAST CLOTHES

February 21, 2014

Hi dolls! One totally different outfit today. Out of my comfort zone, wearing pink + skirt 
+ heels. WTF? No worries, everything's OK, just fighting PMS. XD OK, pink is not my favorite 
color, but from time to time I like to refresh my darkness with some item in bold color. Actually 
I like this shade of pink and hate that pastel baby powder pink that is actual right now. You 
already saw my zombie babes in this post, but I didn't have the chance to share them with 
you in a form of outfit post before. And no, I didn't dye my hair again, just foolin' around
with the wig... But looks kind a cool, right? Looking forward to your thoughts...

sweater: EAST CLOTHES ▲ jacket: WOAKAO ▲ skirt: ZARA ▲ tights: TIGHTS PLEASE
bag: CHICNOVA ▲ hat: FRONT ROW SHOP▲ zombie heel pumps: I LOVE SEXY


February 12, 2014

Morning guys! I hope your week is going great so far! Wanted to take this opportunity to
share photos of an outfit where I'm sporting my new favorite badass boots from PERSUNMALL.
When I first saw them on their site I couldn't believe my eyes. I was like WOOOOOOOOW!
I had to have them so put them in my shopping cart immediately. I couldn't wait to receive
them, and when I did I can't remember myself being so excited about some fashion piece
like this... ever. Generally I'm a huge fan of heavy boots. And my collection won't stop here
for sure. 
tights: TIGHTS PLEASE  ▲ necklace: ROMWOMEN ▲ sunglasses: WOW VINTAGE 

photo credits: Stefan Živković


February 10, 2014

Hi guys! One Spring day in the middle of February. Actually last couple of days the weather was 
just perfect. Finally I found some free time to make some photos so new outfit's here. A bit out of 
my comfort zone but in my favorite color palette. How I pick out my outfits? I usually get this question
 in interviews, from people I know, etc. Well there is no exact formula that I use when coming up 
with outfit ideas. Usually I start with one item; either it is a top, or the shoes or even the handbag and 
then I slowly start adding the rest of the pieces. This time I started with my new barouque sweater
 from PRETTY GUIDE. But I didn't follow it's print in case not to go out of my style, since baroque
 prints are glam, luxurious, feminine etc. I didn't want to go all that way, so I followed it's colors, 
and adding piece by piece it turned out into more rock outfit. What you think?

sweater: PRETTY GUIDE leggings: AFW SHOP ▲ boots: EAST CLOTHES ▲

photo credits: Stefan Živković


February 6, 2014

Hey guys!  I just came back from the exam and using some little free time I have before start
learning for another to say hello. Today I want to share with you one super cute accessory that I
got lately, Valentines' Day inspired silk scarf created by super talented Lilach Avissar, a designer,
artist and illustrator, that stands behind the brand named ALPHA GYPSY. Just look all those
 pretty details! Do you like it?

GYPSY LOVE SCARF >>> http://alphagypsy.com/product/gypsy-love/

And what's also new in my closet these days is this black and white college jacket
from CHOIES. Like it?

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