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March 4, 2014

REVIEW: Ray Ban Cat Eye Glasses via Pret A Voir


 I always prided myself for having an excellent vision, and wore glasses only for fashion sake.
But, lately I've noticed that my eye sight is not that well! I've been hesitating to visit an optometrist
for months, and finally I did it, and guess what I have to wear glasses for reading and when working
on a computer! OK... no problem! But, the problem was choosing the right frame, the one that would
 suite me, that would be of high quality and fashionable as well. I tried on a couple of frames in an
optical store, maybe I'm too picky but none of them seemed good enough, and I decided to wait and
check out some other stores. Few days later, as if they knew, I was contacted by an online eyewear
store PRET A VOIR to do a review for one of their sunglasses or eyeglasses. I couldn't say no. They
 have a huge range of super stylish designer glasses. I went  through their offer and there they were,
perfect black cat eye glasses by Ray Ban. The cat eye shape has been around for a while now and
 enough time has probably passed for them now to be deemed classic. I couldn't be more happier
when postman brought them to my door. They are comfortable to wear, lightweight and I can't
wait to pop them prescription lenses and act nerdy XD

Do you like my choice? Are you a glasses wearer?
Are you picky when it comes to choosing a frame?


  1. Nedry is hot :)

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    XoXo Venoma

  2. Ohh, I like your cat eye glasses
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    Have a nice day

  3. I love the cat eye frame! It gives the wearer a subtle chicness and sexiness, no other glasses can! Great choice! ^_^

  4. Timeless definitivno, dobar izbor :))


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