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April 3, 2014

OUTFIT| Diary of a Madman


Morning guys! New outfit is here! What I like best about it is this Ozzy Osbourne t-shirt. I was very
happy when I found it on TBDRESS, cause Ozzy t-shirts are rare. It reminds me of my teenager days.
I wasn't the greatest fan of his or the Black Sabbath's but I was always fascinated with his figure. He's
totally whacked! There are couple of his songs which I really like and can listen to any time. "Diary of
a madman" (which, shame on me, I first heard in A Perfect Cicrcle's interpretation) or "Dreamer" for
example, and of course "Paranoid" of Black Sabbath. And I liked to watch "The Osbournes" show.

jacket: CHERRY CHERRY plaid shirt: VESST ▲ leggings: AFW SHOP t-shirt: TBDRESS
bag: PERSUNMALL boots: EAST CLOTHES sunglasses: ZEROUV


  1. Super kombinacija, jakna mi se posebno svidja.. :)

  2. Looooveee the jacket. And I really love all your outfit post, don't mad if I am your stalker hahahaa kidding
    By the way, I invite you to join giveaway here :
    http://febiola-febby.blogspot.com/2014/03/firmoo-x-amortentia-spring-giveaway_27.html :D
    I will be so pleased!

    1. Hey, thank you very much! No worries I love stalkers :)
      Visit me any time ;)

  3. ¡Perfect!! The jacket is very nice..
    ank I like Ozzy ;D

  4. Super jaknica! :)

  5. I really like tees and dresses with rocker bands and prints. I saw an extremely cool tee with Motorhead, in the thrfit store, but I didn't have the guts to take it, because I don't listen to Motorhead :D Most people say, not to wear t-shirts with bands you don't listen to, because it's stupid. But if I like the print, why not! I still beat myself for not taking it!
    Anyways, I love your cool t-shirt and those glasses *_*

    1. Yeah, band t-shirts rock! You don't have to be the biggest fan of some band to war their t-shirt.
      Motorhead is a cult band. I never listened to them much, I know couple of songs but I really
      appreciate their work so why not wear a t-shirt with their logo or something. You're into alternative
      kinds of music, it matches your style and it's OK, but those fancy bloggers that wear The Rolling
      Stones, Joy Division, Ramones, Misfits etc. t-shirt just because fashion industry made them IN
      are so funny to me. Celine bag and Ramones tee, come on... XD

  6. Looking awesome! Tha jacket is so cool!

  7. Majica je super cool, kao i ova divna jaknica :)


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