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May 24, 2014

Hi guys, how are you? Some of you might have seen it on the news, since the news were spreading 
across the world, the rain that has been constantly falling over the past two weeks caused serious 
floods in some parts of my country as well as in Bosnia and Croatia. More then 10 000 people had
 to leave their homes and everything they have in order to get out alive. Unfortunately some lives are
 lost. Material damage is enormous and Serbia is going to suffer consequences of this catastrophy
for a long period of time. If you're reading this and wanna help Serbian people by donating, you 
can find more information and do it through this link >>> http://floodrelief.gov.rs/eng/ It doesn't 
have to be much, a single dollar our euro will help!
Fortunately, in a part of the country where I live the situation was stable, it rained almost every 
day but without causing big troubles. Because of the whole this situation in my country I didn't feel
like posting anything. On the other hand I'm super busy learning for my last and very hard exam. 
If I pass it I'll have to do one more thing, write a final work which shouldn't be very hard since it's
something like a bit extended seminar. If I choose the right topic I hope I'll finish it in no time and
finally say goodbye to studying.

FASHION PART | At last, the weather is getting better and I can get out and do some shooting.
Today I'm happy to share with you photos from my latest, everything but ordinary, outfit shooting 
where I'm mixing psychobilly and dark lolita style. So psycholita! XD I'm excited about teaming
up with CORSET STORY which sent me this amazing corset dress. It's the prettiest dress in my
closet! If you're into corsets, burlesque, stempunk and psychobilly clothing you're going to love
this store! Also for this shooting I put on some vintage inspired badass temporary tattoos, thanks
As always, I'm looking forward to your thoughts... Enjoy the weekend! :*
(Sorry about my muddy heels, the ground was still wet and I got mad when I saw it,
but what the hell! XD )

  shoes: I LOVE SEXY// wig: SO LOLITA// fake tattoos: TATTOO FOR A WEEK

photo credits: Stefan Intruder 


May 12, 2014

Hello folks! I hope you had a great weekend! Today I bring you a new outfit featuring some new items
in my closet. You already had a chance to see them in my latest NEW IN post, but yesterday I finally 
had a chance to wear them. Yesterday we finally had one warm day without rain. But, terrible weather
continues. This morning the rain woke me up. I went out to buy some groceries and it's so freakin' cold.
And the next couple of days it's going to be even worse. Will Summer ever come? Anyway, I'm super
excited to partner up with I LOVE SEXY again. For the new collab I chose these cute skull print flats.
I like them so much! They are more than comfortable, and the skulls glow in the dark :)) I styled them 
with my fave dress ever, with the logo of my fave band Ramones, faux leather vest and gradient tights.

dress: ROMWE vest: CHOIES bag: CHICNOVA tights: ROMWE

May 9, 2014

Hey guys! How are you? Do you ever have a fashion obsession you just can't seem to shake? This is
me and studs now. Finally, after eons of searching and searching for a cool studded jacket I found it!
Today I paired with a KISS inspired t-shirt, new ripped jeans from TBDRESS and my new sneakers 
from PERSUNMALL. My look wouldn't be complete without excess of studs, so I wore my fave bag
from TBDRESS. And final touch was this bass guitar pendant necklace from JEWESHOP. Good old
r'n'r look for hanging out with friends. What you think?

jeans: http://www.tbdress.com/product/New-Elegant-Perfect-Style-Jeans-With-Holes-10909322.html
bag: http://www.tbdress.com/product/New-Arrival-Sexy-Rivet-Euramerican-Womens-Bag-10782544.html
sneakers: PERSUNMALL jacket: ROMWE
 t-shirt: ROMWE ▲ necklace: JEWESHOP
sunglasses: WOW VINTAGE

May 3, 2014

Hey guys, new outfit post is finally here! Finally one day without the rain, so I menaged to take some
 shots outside, though lighting was awful... I'm wearing my new owl print dress from PERSUNMALL.
You already had a chance to see it in my latest NEW IN post. I paired it with some purple details:
platform creepers, sunglasses and bandana. Lately, I'm totally mad about purple! All shades of it!
Also, I'm happy to show you a new item in my jewellery box, double triangle necklace from one cute
online store called ZIMTGRUEN. As always, I'm looking forward to your thoughts about the look...

dress: PERSUNMALL (find it here) necklace: ZIMTGRUEN (find it here)
platform creepers: EAST CLOTHES sunglasses: WHOLESALE CELEBSHADES

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