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June 12, 2014

Hello folks! I hope your week is going great so far! Today I'm dealing with writer's block so there won't 
be anything interesting to read here (not that there usually is, haha!). I wanna share with you photos of  
an outfit I wore yesterday. Studs, studs and some more studs, X-ray and new jeans from TBDRESS.
I hope you like the combo! :) Looking forward to your thoughts...

jeans: TBDRESS Auspicious Korean Style Jeans Pants
bag: TBDRESS Sexy Rivet Euramerican Womens Bag
shoes: I LOVE SEXY jacket: ROMWE t-shirt: JOLLYCHIC sunnies: O3 

 photo katy_zps2b2bf51c.png

June 11, 2014

I don't know about you guys but as I type this I'm literally melting XD Tropical heats have started! 
It's 32 °C at the moment and it's driving me crazy. So, just a few words today. Once again, my fave 
color combo: BLACK + RED! I'm wearing jacquard skater dress from a British brand RED LABEL
fave cat flats and fringe bag. Enjoy the photos and let me know your thoughts ;)

dress: RED LABEL bag & necklace: ROSEWHOLESALE shoes: LOVELYSHOES

June 7, 2014

Hey guys, I hope you're having a great weekend! Finally the real Summer weather has arrived! Yeeeey!
So, finally some Summer vibes on my blog :) I got this hawaiian print dress from an online store called 
LOVESTRUCK which sells super cute vintage style clothes. Two years ago I was a total floral junkie!
I used to buy everything floral I see... This Summer I fell in love with florals again, and when I saw this 
dress I just had to have it. Besides the dress, the zombie pumps are also new. I found them on my fave
source for shoes I LOVE SEXY. And new name necklace is from ONECKLACE shop on Etsy.
P.S. Listen to this song, it's amazing! I just discovered it and listen it on a repeat all day for the last
three days. 

hawaiian print dress: LOVESTRUCK  name necklace: ONECKLACE (ETSY SHOP)
tights: FOYMALL shoes I LOVE SEXY Muerta 4 Inch Heel Zombie Pumps

June 4, 2014

Another, quick hello today! Couple of photos from yesterday's shooting. Mix of my dearest of dearest
items from my closet. Yeah, they're all black. XD You already had a chance to see them in my previous
outfits, except skeleton tights which are new. I just love them! I've been looking for something like that
for months and when I saw them on PRETTY GUIDE I oredered them right away. And I just love this
jacket, and I just love this dress (you could see it in this outfit), and I just love these cobweb creepers!
And I love roses! I have a big rose tree in my yard but they're already fading and it makes me sad...
so I wanted to seize what's left of them and put it on a photo, and on my head. XD

jacket: ROMWE dress: CORSET STORY creepers: PERSUNMALL tights: PRETTY GUIDE

photo credits: Stefan Intruder, photo edits: me

June 2, 2014

Hey there guys! I hope you had a lovely weekend! Due to stubborn rainy weather my weekend
 was kind of boring. And I become so lazy after the exam, so I postponed some plans I had for it.
 Anyway, yesterday, I don't know how could that happen, we saw sun rays for an hour or two!
 So, I managed to take some photos to show you some novelties from my closet. I know that
Summer is all about colors and vibrant prints, but since Summer is obviously delayed I still enjoy
wearing all black. I got this lace dress months ago from ROMWE but didn't have a chance to
 show it to you in an outfit post before. I used to think that lace is too feminine for me, but this
dress proved me wrong cause I can style it in so many different ways without getting out of my
comfort zone. This time I matched it with my new patent boots from HIDDEN FASHION and put
on some badass skull and bone print above the knee socks from I LOVE SEXY. New fringe
bag and cross necklace are from ROSEWHOLESALE. I hope that you like how it looks all
together :) Let me know your thoughts...


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