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July 30, 2014

Morning girls! How are you? Here comes the crazy catlady! My friends think that I have a sick
obsession for cats and that I'm threating them like babies. OK, maybe I became a bit psycho since
my neighbors took away 4 of my little super cute kittens. They hate cats and decided that I shouldn't
 have them. So sick! I just hope that they didn't do something bad to them. Fortunately, one kitten left, 
the one you saw in my previous post. In order to protect him, actually it's her, from the cruel world 
I have to keep it in the house like a prisoner, and when it's outside I have to surveil it. Humans, 
with their ratio and cogito, conceit that they are superficial beings, above all other species. Why 
would humans be superficial? Why would life of a human be more valuable then the life of any 
other being? What gives us the right to make decisions on other beings? I can talk about this for 
days. I'm really pissed of... But this is not a place for a discussion like that, so let's move to fashion
part. We already elaborated that I'm not obsessed with cats, (while writing this I go out every
 few minutes to check if the kitty is still in the yard) I'm just wearing this cat print dress and cat
flats for... fashion sake! XD The dress is new item in my closet. I got it from CHICNOVA. I
hope you like the way I sported it. Let me know your thoughts...

 dress: CHICNOVA necklace: BESTE-SHOP   flats: LOVELYSHOES

July 27, 2014

Hey, guys! I'm back, and new post is finally here! While I was away so many amazing pieces
arrived at my address and I can't wait to show you all of them. I'll start with this lovely black dress
 with sheer detail from an online store TIDESTORE. Then, here's a cute vintage inspired bag from
TBDRESS and statement necklace from BESTE-SHOP. So, black on black, on black, on black...
I hope you like how it looks all together. Let me know your thoughts! :)

necklace: BESTE-SHOP

July 13, 2014

Happy Monday dolls! I hope you had a great weekend. Just a quick hello today, I'm a bit in a hurry,
packing bags and stuff cause I'm leaving later today. I'm going to visit my boyfriend, finally. We haven't
 seen each other for about a month. He lives in other town, you know... I'll stay there for about 10 days,
but don't worry if I have a chance I'll stop by and drop a few lines here ;) In case you miss me so bad
you can follow me on instagram, I'll be active there since I'm addicted XD >>> @katymage
Before I leave I want to share with you photos of an outfit featuring my new leo wedges with tattoo
embroidery from I LOVE SEXY online store. Like them?

blouse: H&M  jeans: MISS SIXTY  bandana: NEW YORKER
cork wedge pump shoes with tattoo embroidery: I LOVE SEXY

July 9, 2014

OK, it's not a Cadillac DeVille nor Chevy Camaro but for this occasion it'll work XD Hey guys, what's
 up? New outfit's here today! What I like most about it is this "Danzig" t-shirt I created myself thanks
 to HICUSTOM. With easy-to-use design software on HICUSTOM you can create your own t-shirts, 
hoodies, mugs and phone cases with some of their numerous designs or upload any image you like
and add custom text. I created a t-shirt with a logo of one of my favorite bands and added lines from
my favorite song called 13. I hope yu like how it turned out :) I'm styling my new denim vest, again, 
from SOURPUSS (you could read more about them in my previous post) and new punkish jeans
from TIDESTORE. Enjoy the photos and tell me what you think ;)

vest: SOURPUSS  jeans: TIDESTORE  t-shirt: HICUSTOM
necklace: DXMALL creepers: PERSUNMALL

July 7, 2014

Hey, there! Today, as I announced in my previous post, I'm happy to finally share with you a new 
outfit, product of a collaboration with the label SOURPUSS CLOTHING. It's a perfect place for 
punks, pinups, rockabillies, psychobillies and all other billies. SOURPUSS has a wide range of cool
 clothes and accessories for both girls and boys, as well as cute housewares. For this collaboration, 
which is, I must admit, one of my dearest so far, I had opportunity to style two items from their
amazing assortment. I just love this rose print tank dress. It's ideal for warm summer days. But
when styling it, on my mind I had a more night outfit idea, going out with friends or going to a 
concert. So, I combined with a denim vest, also from SOURPUSS, red combat boots and skull 
tights for an edgy look. For a day variant I would wear it with ballet flats or some flat sandals.
Also, here's a new piece from my jewellery box, a bat necklace from DXMALL.

P.S. Have you watched the serial "TRUE DETECTIVE"? I watched it couple of days ago,
and I'm impressed, not that much with the plot as with the character of a detective Rust Cohle.
If you watched it, you might remember the song, if not anyway push the play button, you might
like it :)

necklace: DXMALL bag: CHICNOVA  sunnies: SUNDRIED
boots: DRESSLILY  tights: ROMWE

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