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August 31, 2014

Aloha! I hope you're enjoying the last day of August! I just wanted to say quick hello and share photos 
of an outfit with my fave striped dress from ROMWE. I got it more than a month ago, I think, but I didn't
have a chance to show it to you in an outfit post before. This cute zombie bag is also new. I found i on an
online store, which I discovered recently, called VESSOS. Check them up, they have some really cool 
stuff. Enjoy the photos and don't forget to write a line or two...

dress: ROMWE  photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png bag: VESSOS  photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png flats: I LOVE SEXY  photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png necklace: DXMALL

For the end, I wanna share with some cool Fall itemsthat I found on one amazing online fashion
store, called TIDEBUY. Don't miss to check them!

1. http://www.tidebuy.com/product/Double-Pockets-Long-Sleeve-Rivets-Jeans-Jacket-10972217.html
2. http://www.tidebuy.com/product/Black-Pu-Floral-Print-Rivet-Detailed-Flap-Clutch-Bag-10972294.html
3. http://www.tidebuy.com/product/Light-Blue-Long-Sleeves-Snowflake-Jeans-Thick-T-Shirt-10985544.html
4. http://www.tidebuy.com/product/cool-black-lace-up-rivet-buckle-low-heel-martin-boots-10965434.html
5. http://www.tidebuy.com/product/Vogue-New-Arrival-Plaid-With-Pockets-Comfortable-Blouse-10861098.html
6. http://www.tidebuy.com/product/Popular-Rivet-Chain-One-Shoulder-Womens-Bag-10968430.html

  photo katy_zps2b2bf51c.png

August 25, 2014

Happy Monday guys! For today one punkish-grungy look. I almost never wear shorts because I'm skinny
and it's really hard to find one that would actually fit me and that would look good on me. And, not only
shorts, I have the same problem with dresses and skirts. It's not that I really care what people around will
say but if I see that something doesn't fit me and I don't feel good in it than, ofcourse, I don't want to wear
it. But, I really liked this cute denim shorts with suspenders on TBDRESS, and I was like: why the hell
not? I'll risk. Maybe it'll turn out OK. And I think it did. I think I don't look that bad in it, I think I look
badass in it. XD So, I'm really happy with it.
For this occasion I wore it with UK flag print top from ROMWE and combat boots. And I'm wearing a
wig! I'm getting an obsessive urge again to dye my hair. I get it at every season transition. Even though I
want to change something about it, I don't really want to damage my hair with chemicals. But I just love
 red hair! :( Ombre could be, less "painful" solution. I'll think about it some more. Any advice dolls?

shorts: TBDRESS (http://www.tbdress.com/product/Splendid-Light-Blue-Y-Belt-Slim-Jumper-Jeans-Shorts-10952534.html)
t-shirt: ROMWE  photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png necklace: ROSEWHOLESALE  photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png boots: DRESSLILY
sunnies: WOW VINTAGE  photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png wig: WONDERLAND WIGS

Sammydress Giveaway winner is............. comment under number 43!
Congrats to Stephanie E. (sophisticvirtue@***.com)! You'll be contacted
shortly by Sammydress team about how to claim your prize!
Thanks everyone for joining!

 photo katy_zps2b2bf51c.png

August 23, 2014

   Hey girls! I'm beyond excited today to share with you my experience with MoYou London stamping nail art plates. MoYou London is a company specialized in selling nail art products. I got in touch with them recently and they kindly offered me to review two image plates from their amazing assortment. I opted for plate 04 from their PUNK collection and plate 10 from BIKER collection. Besides these two, on MoYou London you can also find: EXPLORER, REBEL, FAIRYTALE, KITTY, PRINCESS, ROCKSTAR and many more different collections.

   Each plate comes in a cute cardboard sleeve (which is great for storage) and each collection has it's own muse as you can see on the packaging. The cardboard sleeve also has instructions on the back. Along with these two plates I got a stamper and scraper. I'm totally satisfied with the stamper quality, it's squishy but not sticky. You can easily clean it with the acetone and it won't be harmed. The squishy pad allows you to stamp the full nail without any gaps, and it picks the image really good.

  OK, let's see how it actually works. Each plate has protective foil that needs to be peeled off before first use. Choose a design you want and apply a lacquer on it. Then, remove excess lacquer with scraper using 45-degree angle. Pick up the design with stamper using a rolling motion. Also use a rolling motion when stamping the design on your nail. And that's it! Sounds easy, right? Well... you'll need some practice, especially if you don't have much or don't have any experience at all (like me) with this kind of stuff. So, I'm trying nail art plates for the first time. Before, I used to do some freehand nail art and that was totally frustrating. These plates are a huge discovery for me. They have taken nail art to a totally new level. Today I'll show you the very first nail art I did using the plates, the day I received them. As I said, I didn't have any experience in this and I think it turned out pretty fine for the first usage. In the coming days I'll share with you some more designs to show you what an "expert" I become XD

(I used the first image from the BIKER plate)

What you think about the nail art plates? Did you have a chance to use them or, if not, would you
try them out?

Visit MoYou London for more amazing things!

August 21, 2014

Hello lovelies! It's been a while since my last "new in" post. It's not that there were no new stuff to
 show, you saw them all through outfit posts. But, I totally neglected this rubric on the blog, and I don't 
know why... Anyway, today I wanna share with you some new pieces in my jewellery box, two lovely
 pairs of earrings from an online store DRESSVE. I hope you like them :)

August 18, 2014

Hey guys! Happy Monday! Currently I'm in Svrljig, visiting my boyfriend. But, I prepared a couple of posts
in advance in order to keep up with blogging while I'm away. For today here's a new outfit post where I'm wearing a new rose print dress from an online store called DRESSVE. Even though I'm a huge fan of floral
prints I always perceived them as too girly for me. That's why I always like to play with details and add a
touch of rock/punk chic to every combination. This time, I did it with my favorite combat rivet boots,
 round sunglasses and badass bat double ring. I hope you like how it looks all together. 

dress: DRESSVE sunglasses: CHICNOVA

August 14, 2014

Hey everyone! How is your week going so far? Just a few words today. It's too hot inside and it's impossible
to sit in front of the computer. For today here's a new outfit post featuring some new clothes and accessories
that I got recently. Mix of black, white and red. Enjoy the photos and let me know your thoughts :)

 t-shirt: LOVELYSHOES   skirt: DRESSVE  necklace: BESTE-SHOP

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