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August 25, 2014

OUTFIT| Show Me How To Live
+ Sammydress Giveaway Winner


Happy Monday guys! For today one punkish-grungy look. I almost never wear shorts because I'm skinny
and it's really hard to find one that would actually fit me and that would look good on me. And, not only
shorts, I have the same problem with dresses and skirts. It's not that I really care what people around will
say but if I see that something doesn't fit me and I don't feel good in it than, ofcourse, I don't want to wear
it. But, I really liked this cute denim shorts with suspenders on TBDRESS, and I was like: why the hell
not? I'll risk. Maybe it'll turn out OK. And I think it did. I think I don't look that bad in it, I think I look
badass in it. XD So, I'm really happy with it.
For this occasion I wore it with UK flag print top from ROMWE and combat boots. And I'm wearing a
wig! I'm getting an obsessive urge again to dye my hair. I get it at every season transition. Even though I
want to change something about it, I don't really want to damage my hair with chemicals. But I just love
 red hair! :( Ombre could be, less "painful" solution. I'll think about it some more. Any advice dolls?

shorts: TBDRESS (http://www.tbdress.com/product/Splendid-Light-Blue-Y-Belt-Slim-Jumper-Jeans-Shorts-10952534.html)
t-shirt: ROMWE  photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png necklace: ROSEWHOLESALE  photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png boots: DRESSLILY
sunnies: WOW VINTAGE  photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png wig: WONDERLAND WIGS

Sammydress Giveaway winner is............. comment under number 43!
Congrats to Stephanie E. (sophisticvirtue@***.com)! You'll be contacted
shortly by Sammydress team about how to claim your prize!
Thanks everyone for joining!

 photo katy_zps2b2bf51c.png


  1. You look so badass! I cannot believe that is a wig, I genuinely thought it was your hair. I ombred my hair turquoise a few years ago and loved it. And the best thing is my hair was long enough that I just cut the ends off when I didn't want it anymore.

    Cats in Crop Tops

    1. Hey, thanks for commenting! That's something I'm thinking about, my hair is long too so If
      I do an ombre I can always cut the ends off If I get bored with it :) Or, since my natural hair
      is black I can dye it in black and after couple of washings it would look like my natural...

  2. I love your look :)

    Saskia! xo

  3. Whoa, this is absolutely my favorite outfit of yours! The suspenders are so cool and I can't believe those glasses look so damn good on you, I look like a moron in them, but you...you are so beautiful *_* I'm jelly!

  4. Majica je predobra! Super kombinacija!

  5. Odlicno ti stoji :)
    Bas mi se svidja :)


  6. Koliko je fenomenalan outfit <33333

    Check out my latest OUTFIT POST and my other posts on Venoma's fashion diary
    XoXo Venoma


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