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August 13, 2014

REVIEW: Printic App + Giveaway


PRINTIC is a free app available for both iPhone and Android phones that allow users to print and
share photos from their smartphones quickly and easily. You can pick photos from your phone gallery,
Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox and Flickr and get them as vintage polaroid prints. Besides polaroids,
Printic offers you customized photo albums and calendars. You can customize your photos and add
a cute text. It's super easy to use and the prints are emailed within a couple of days of your order.
Only $0.99 per photo and yeeeey, the shipping is free! Plus you get constant updates on your order,
when photos are prepared and when they're shipped. Prints can be cool gifts too and with Printic you
 can send them anywhere in the world.

After playing with the app for a while, I was finally able to narrow my choices down to 10 photos. I 
chose some photos of an outfits from my blog that I shared on Instagram, so you might remember 
some of them. I can't deny that I was very happy when I received them. They were placed in a cute 
little stamped orange envelope. Done in HD and vibrant colors on a glossy paper, I'm totally satisfied 
with their quality, and they are oh, so beautiful. 

Overall, I give 5 stars to Printic! I will use their app again for sure! Would you try it?
If your answer is "YES", well... I have a surprise for you! Printic is giving away 10 free polaroid
 prints with free shipping! 

In order to participate, all you have to do is like their FACEBOOK page and/or follow them on
 TWITTER/PINTEREST/INSTAGRAM and leave your email address in the comment bellow. I will
choose one lucky winner on next Wednesday with the help of random.org and announce it's name the
 next day here. Fingers crossed! ;)

For more info visit their official website: http://www.printicapp.com/
Download the app now on GooglePlay or iTunes


  1. AWSSMMM :)

    Check out my latest OUTFIT POST and my other posts on Venoma's fashion diary
    XoXo Venoma

  2. what a fun app , i am going to download the app now
    keep in touch

  3. great giveaway! I'm in!
    IG: Naamaaha
    nam12 [at] walla.co.il

  4. super cool post! the Polaroid's are so dang fun! super cute look!


  5. Cool! I'm in! :D

  6. Hej, ovo je super :D
    Vec sam skinula aplikaciju i narucila par slicica za pocetak ^^ Mnogo slatko izgleda!

  7. cool! anja.ristic92@rocketmail.com

  8. ovo je super!

  9. jelenaradinovic@yahoo.com


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