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March 25, 2015

  Hey guys! Today I want to share with you some amazing cosmetic products that I got from one amazing store, based in Berlin, Germany, called just like that: AMAZINGY. It is an online organic & natural beauty boutique. Amazingy offeres a wide selection of the top-quality, high-performing organic & natural skin care, hair care, 100% natural mineral makeup, and organic mom & baby products by numerous cosmetics brands. All produced with the best ingredients nature has to offer. Their motto is: "Look good, do good, feel Amazingy!" And here's what I got:

 ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner - Araban Knights: ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner collection combines organic ingredients (like organic jojoba and seasame seed oil, organic cocoa seed butter, pomegranate and grape seed extracts and orange, vanilla and Jasmine oils) to soothe and condition the lips. Each of their shades carries a sheer touch of color, that increases it's intensity when applied liberally. Arabian Knights is a beautiful sheer "berry stain" color which as you already know, is popular nowadays. The formula of this product is excellent, it's moisturizing and hydrating just like a lip balm and makes your lips look natural. It's very pigmented so you have a lip balm and lipstick in one. It goes on so smoothly and leaves my lips feeling soft and silky. It lasts for hours until the full amount of color applied fades. It looks great as a sheer berry tint for the day and with a few extra coats of color, I can turn that sheer color into a deeper, sultry red for the evening. 


  HIRO Mineral Eye Shadow - Grey Matters: HIRO is a natural cosmetics brand that makes mineral makeup. As you noticed, I rarely use eye shadows in my makeup, and when I do they must be dark, blacks or greys. Grey Matters by HIRO is a perfect eye shadow for me. It is a dark deep grey with an icy shimmer. It can be applied dry or wet for a more intense effect. It has great pigmentation, especially if applied wet. Mineral eye shadows have, especially if you apply them wet, really a completely different effect on the eye than normal pressed eye shadows. Personally I find it really good. 


  ncLA Nail Lacquer - Black Diamond: This unique, diamond inspired polish is part of the All That Glitters Isn’t Gold Collection and is fully devoted to everything that glitters, gleams, sparkles and shines. Black Diamond has a clear base with large flakes of black, dark blue and silver glitter. Features quick-drying, non-toxic formula that doesn't damage your nails. It's my new favorite polish! The more coats the more glitter! It looks lovely over any base color, best over darker shades. Perfect to give a touch of glam! 


Find more amazing products on >>>  AMAZINGY

Have you used any product from Amazingy, or by any of these brands?
What's your experience?

March 19, 2015

  In today's PHOTO JOURNAL I'm taking you to totally different place than in previous one. From "jungle" we move to urban environment, to one of my favorite coffee shops in my town. I went for a cup of coffee with some friends and on our big surprise at that moment the cafe was empty. That's strange, cause it's always crowded there and you can hardly find a free table. The cafe is called "Cuba" (or somewhere it stands "Cubismo".) I'm in love with it's interior! It's so colorful, the walls are covered in amazing paintings of Cuban motifs, the music is cool and the whole atmosphere makes you feel like you're really somewhere in Cuba. I thought that it would be nice to take the advantage of the situation that nobody's around and take some photos in order to transfer a part of that atmosphere into blog post and share it with you. But why the hell I never bring camera with me?! I called my brother Stefan to come over and bring it. So, I got the camera and the photographer. We made a couple of shots, I hope you'll enjoy them!

featured items: OASAP sweater and HAPPINESS BOUTIQUE tribal necklace

March 17, 2015

    Good morning dolls! First of all, I want to thank you for all your nice words on my blogobirthday post. It really means a lot to me! New outfit post is here! For today all black with a twist. Finally, we see some sun here, and I couldn't wait more to wear my faux fur vest again. I combined it with the fringe top and faux leather leggings. To break the blackness I wore my new purple hat. Some more touches of purple in shape of a lipstick and nailpolish and yeeey, I dyed my hair again, finally. Also I'm wearing my new, currently favorite of the favorites, tribal necklace from one super cute online store called HAPPINESS BOUTIQUE. You should check them up, they have amazing jewellery pieces. As per usual, I'd be happy to read your thoughts about the outfit or certain item.

fringe top: STYLEMOI fur vest: CHICNOVA ●  faux leather leggings: BERSHKA

March 15, 2015

  Each time I reach a new millstone on Dare 2 Wear I simply can't believe how time has flown. Dare 2 Wear turned 4 today! Sometimes it seems like I just started writing it, sometimes it's seems like it's always been a part of me. When I started it, I never thought that Dare 2 Wear would become what it has been, that it would be such a big part of my life, that people would actually pay attention, that it would lead to the opportunities it has, that I would meet amazing people I’ve met. What started as a way to express my creativity and interest in fashion turned into a real business. Wow, I never thought I'd be saying "fashion" and "business" in the same sentence describing my job! 4 years back, who would've thought that writing my passion would bring me some profit. Today with tones of clothes and some money in my pocket I can say that it really became my job, though I still prefer calling it a hobby. 
   Ofcourse, nothing of this would be possible without you guys! To all my readers, associates, supportive friends and my boyfriend, I don't know if world has enough thank you's. One special thanks goes to my brother Stefan, who's been my photographer from the start, for dealing with all my whims, proclivities, stubbornness and "firings" anytime the weather is shi**y and I'm not satisfied with photographs. I decided to "promote" him, since Dare 2 Wear has always been a team, and give him more space on the bloggy. So, soon you'll have a chance to read some men's fashion related content and from time to time see Stefan in front of the camera. 
   Another novelty is blog's address. Perhaps you noticed it in your browser, Dare 2 Wear is now on com. For this I want to thank amazing people Nikola and Dragana from Website Design by Fivera. Finally, I want to thank God... you know I'm joking, right?! I started with thank you's like I won an Oscar XD
Hopefully you'll still be following me in my fifth year of blogging! 
Once again, thanks for all your support!

For the end I leave you to enjoy the video, some sort of retrospective of 
4 years of Dare 2 Wear through my favorite shots.

P.S. Stay tuned with the bloggy in the coming days, there will be some surprises!

March 7, 2015

     Hey guys! For today one totally different post than you used to see on Dare 2 Wear. Little photo journal of a trip to Svrljig Montains (mountain in eastern Serbia) with my boyfriend few days ago. He lives in nearby town, Svrljig, and likes to go on mountain hiking. I must admit, hiking is not my thing but I enjoy staying in nature. 
   Svrljig Montains is not a fancy tourist resort, there are no hotels, hostels, actually there's no place you can stay in, unless you have your own cottage. There are no tours organized or any other activity. Sometimes I think that it's a shame that these wonderful landscapes are not accessible for tourists to visit and stay, but more often I think that maybe it's better of this way. Cause, that could lead to terrible consequences: cutting trees, demolishing rocks etc. And I don't want to talk about animals whose habitat this is. Anyway, any nature enthusiast can come here on self-guided tour and enjoy the unspoiled beauty. 
    Despite Winter drab and bareness the sites are still breathtaking. Here are couple of moments that me an my boyfriend captured while hiking. Enjoy the photographs and beautiful song by Lifehouse! 

 Some coffee to warm us up after hell of a hiking. I'm not complaining, I enjoyed it! The trip... and the coffee :)

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