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March 7, 2015



     Hey guys! For today one totally different post than you used to see on Dare 2 Wear. Little photo journal of a trip to Svrljig Montains (mountain in eastern Serbia) with my boyfriend few days ago. He lives in nearby town, Svrljig, and likes to go on mountain hiking. I must admit, hiking is not my thing but I enjoy staying in nature. 
   Svrljig Montains is not a fancy tourist resort, there are no hotels, hostels, actually there's no place you can stay in, unless you have your own cottage. There are no tours organized or any other activity. Sometimes I think that it's a shame that these wonderful landscapes are not accessible for tourists to visit and stay, but more often I think that maybe it's better of this way. Cause, that could lead to terrible consequences: cutting trees, demolishing rocks etc. And I don't want to talk about animals whose habitat this is. Anyway, any nature enthusiast can come here on self-guided tour and enjoy the unspoiled beauty. 
    Despite Winter drab and bareness the sites are still breathtaking. Here are couple of moments that me an my boyfriend captured while hiking. Enjoy the photographs and beautiful song by Lifehouse! 

 Some coffee to warm us up after hell of a hiking. I'm not complaining, I enjoyed it! The trip... and the coffee :)


  1. Prelepe fotografije, super post :)

  2. Obožavam planine i planinarenje!
    Fotografije su ti divne.

  3. Divne,divne fotke! A ja samo sto sam se vratila sa filma Wild, jos uvek pod utiskom, i onda ovaj post :)) Prelepo!

  4. I'm not much for hiking too, I prefer to have warm water, food and sanitation nearby! :D But I love waterfalls and I see you've taken a photo of a small one there, so breathtaking! ^^
    If this is so beautiful during winter it must be amazing during spring!


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