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June 30, 2015


  "DO IT YOUR WAY! You’re unique, you’ve got your own style. You dress the way you want to." This is the motto of one amazing online shop that I discovered recently. It is called CRAZY FACTORY, and they're specialized in selling different kinds of piercing jewellery as well as fashion jewellery, accessories, tattoos, etc. at more than available prices. Couple of days ago I received some super cool things from their shop and I'm happy to share my thoughts about them with you today.

  You know how much I like tattoos, so I had to order couple of pieces! I opted for some bohemian inspired ones in silver and gold color. Metallic tattoos are oh so popular lately and they're perfect for Summer, right? Also I picked two black sugar skulls. I still haven't tried them on, but can't wait to! As soon as I do I'll share some photos with you. Until then I can tell you that I'm very satisfied with the quality of tattoo prints which promises that they will apply well on the skin.

   My next pick is this awesome flower headband. The flower headband is the the simplest way to make any outfit instantly more edgy, and edgy I like. Flower headbands are so versatile that you can pretty much find any occasion to wear them. I can't wait to wear mine with long Summer dresses. At CRAZY FACTORY they have a wide range of flower headbands in different designs and colors and I must admit that the choice wasn't easy at all.

   Yeeey, dream catchers! Even though I make them myself I have to buy them wherever I see them. I'm a dream catcher obsessed! When I saw this necklace and earrings on CRAZY FACTORY I had to have them! They go separately, but since they have so many color options you can easily make a matching set like I did. I had a chance to wear them yesterday and you'll see the photos in my new outfit post soon.

  And finally, I ordered this super cool fake plugs. I have always liked how plugs looked, but I'd never do one, because I dislike to have a hole in my ear and if you have one you can forget about wearing earrings. I freaked out when when I saw fake piercing section at CRAZY FACTORY! Tons and tons of fake plugs available with many different logos and patterns. I had to order a few. But, when you buy stuff like this online you're always suspicious about what you'll get. I'm totally satisfied with the quality of these. They don't look cheap, they're made of quality materials, acrylic and surgical steel. They have wood ones as well.

  Overall I'm more than satisfied with the quality of products that I received, as well as with their customer service and fast shipping. I'm happy to recommend you their store if you're into piercings, no matter real or fake, and as I said above there's plenty more stuff like fashion jewellery, hair accessories, tattoos etc. to meet your unique taste. Visit them HERE.


  1. Want want want those tats!

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  2. Tetovaze su predobre ^^

  3. how beautiful is that jewelry

  4. Great dream catchers!


  5. love your picks! those tattoos are awesome!

  6. Hahah, I'm a dream catcher fanatic as well, also everything related to feathers! :D Love the stuff you picked Katy! I didn't even know such a thing as fake piercings exited! I've always wanted piercing but as you said, didn't want annoying holes, this is a brilliant idea! Awesome site, thank you for sharing it ^_^

  7. Awesome stuff! Tattoos look really great!

  8. Tetovaze su divne :)



  9. Awesome post! Tattoos look really great!
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