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July 1, 2015



  Hey there guys! According to the first photo, you might think that I'm enjoying my Summer somewhere at the seaside. Unfortunately, it's not like that. I'm still in my stinky town, still working on my thesis... Well, at least daydreaming is still not prohibited, right?! Photos were taken at the park in my town, on the volleyball field and yeeeaaah with my new camera! I bought Nikon D3200 last week, and I'm totally satisfied with it. No more torments with the old stupid Samsung, and spending hours and hours in Photoshop trying to make something out of nothing. It's much, much easier now. All the possibilities with the new camera are yet to be explored and I'm planning to invest more in different lenses later, but for now I'm happy with it.
 Finally, fashion part: Today I'm wearing my new comfy yet stylish maxi dress from AMI CLUBWEAR. Aztec pattern, color combination, I  love everything about it! Studded sandals are also from their store. When buying shoes online I'm always a bit suspicious about their quality and comfort, and if the size is right. Suspicion is even higher when it comes to sandals. But, I decided to give it a try, and guess what, they fit me perfectly and they're more than comfortable to wear. I was totally in need of Summer shoes. I have nothing to wear, my closet is full of boots, boots and boots. So besides this super cute pair of sandals, I ordered a pair of wedges from AMI CLUBWEAR too. You'll have a chance to see them as well, in some of the future outfit posts. Let's get back to this one. I completed it with this lovely dream catcher jewellery from CRAZY FACTORY. I wrote you about them in my previous post. In case you missed it you ca check it HERE and see some more cool stuff that I got from their shop. Enjoy the photos and music and be free to write a few lines if you like it.

dress and sandals: AMI CLUBWEAR  hat: OASAP
dreamcatcher necklace and earrings: CRAZY FACTORY

photo credits: Stefan Intruder


  1. Favorit su mi fotke na pesku. :)

  2. u look cool, loved the color and print of dress

  3. Savrsene fotografije, a haljina je odlicna :))

  4. Hey Katy! Your dress is so pretty, you are looking drop-dead gorgeous .. and yes I loved your footwears :-)

  5. Da znaš da sam te jedva prepoznala na onoj fotki sa Instagrama :) Nekako si mi se promenila..ali pozitivno naravno :)
    Skroz ti je super ovaj boho look :)

  6. Odlična boho haljina, savršena za ovo leto.
    Još boho detalja na mom blogu takođe.

  7. Predivno :-)

  8. Yay, congrats on the new camera! Although I have to admit I loved your previous photos as well, you must have some Godly photoshop skillz lady! :D
    This dressis so sexy, perfectly wraps around the body! And the orange lippie is divine!


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