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August 11, 2015



  Hey there guys! Sorry for being MIA again. I postponed working on my thesis for Fall and wanted to make the best of what's left of Summer. I wanted to give myself a little vent. I'm tired of spending every damn Summer studying. And I want to spend more time with my boyfriend. We live in different cities and due to our different obligations we don't see each other very often. Now we decided to leave our obligations aside and spend more time together this Summer, before all the puzzles fall into place so we can start living together. 
  We went to countryside again. Actually, to Svrljig Mountains. My boyfriend lives in a nearby town and has a cottage in the mountains. If you remember this post, I already wrote you that this isn't some fancy tourist resort. There are no hotels, hostels, actually there's no place you can stay in, unless you have your own cottage. There are no tours organized or any other activity. Just untouched nature. What more do you need? Now I leave you to enjoy the photos that my boyfriend I took while hiking and the music that follows them.

I'm wearing: top: CNDIRECT pants: PINKBASIS sandals: AMICLUBWEAR
moon and stars pendant: CRAZY FACTORY



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