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September 29, 2015

  Horreum Margi (Horreum: Granary, Margus: river Morava) is an old, Latin name for Serbian town Ćuprija, town which I had  pleasure to visit this weekend. It was founded by Romans as a fort on the road from Constantinople to Rome, where it crosses the river now known as Velika Morava. The present name of the town, Ćuprija, is derived from Turkish word köprü, which means bridge, and the bridge you see on the photography above is a landmark of this town. 
  I've never been to Ćuprija before, so this is my first time here. I always enjoy visiting new places, and regret that I don't have enough time to travel more, at least across my country. There are many wonderful cities to visit in Serbia. Ćuprija was just one of them on my visit list. Besides Ćuprija, I used the opportunity to visit neighboring city Paraćin, too. You'll have a chance to see photos from Paraćin and read about him in some of the next posts. Now let's take a walk through Ćuprija!
  First, I'll show you some photos of Ćuprija's streets and some magnificent architectural creations. Modern architecture looks pretty same in every Serbian city, so I focused on some old buildings. Some of them are dating back to before WWII. They are nicely restored and together with modern buildings  make one original, well blended architectural puzzle.

   After the city tour we'll visit city museum "Horreum Margi Ravno" which contains large archaeological, historical, artistic and ethnological collection from different epochs. Museum itself is located on archaeological site of the Roman town Horreum Margi from the 4th century AD. What caught my attention the most are the artifacts (fragments of different figures, tools, weapons, dishes etc.) of The Vinča culture from Neolithic period. Besides these exhibits, you can also see remains of the Roman and Byzantine culture, as well as weapons and military equipment from WWII, traditional Serbian costumes and objects from everyday life. I'll use this opportunity to thank Danica Jović, the curator of the museum for the detailed information about the collection, archaeological site and history of the museum building.

  Now I leave you to enjoy sites of the beautifully landscaped Ćuprija's park.

  And for the end, announcement for the next post. The train wagon on the photo bellow is not a simple wagon but one amazing cafe. Stay tuned with Dare 2 Wear for more photos of this unusual, super cool place to take a coffee break.

One more thing, I want you to meet my lil' buddy Bill, who kept me company in 
walks around the city :)

I hope you enjoyed the post! Have a lovely evening and "see you" again soon!

September 21, 2015

  Hello girls! I hope you had a lovely weekend! Just a couple of lines today. I'm happy to share with you photos of me sporting my new fave dress from DRESSIN. I'm so in love with it's geometric print and colors. Mini satchel bag with tassels is also from DRESSIN, and mirror sunglasses are from EMBLEM EYEWEAR. Enjoy the photos and as always I'll be glad to read your thoughts.


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