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October 30, 2016

STYLE TIPS: Top Tips For Wearing Gold And Silver Jewellery Together


 Whether it is okay to wear gold and silver jewellery together has long been a debate. It used to be considered tacky, but today, the rules are far more relaxed. But, that hasn’t made it any easier for women to determine how to successfully mix gold and silver pieces in a stylish way.

    Let’s look at a few tips to help you pull off the mix-and-match.

⦁    Don’t Let Your Wedding Ring Rule the Look

  If you have a platinum wedding band and engagement ring, that shouldn’t stop you from wearing silver jewellery. In fact, the colour of your wedding rings shouldn’t even be a consideration. View Silver by Mail’s best silver jewellery collection to choose a few beautiful pieces.

⦁    Don’t Stress Over Hardware Colours

  Don’t get too stressed over trying to match the hardware on your shoes and accessories, like belt buckles and handbags with the metal of your jewellery.

⦁    Make Sure the Gold and Silver Pieces Work Well Together

  What makes mixing silver and gold work is when the pieces you combine look like they are supposed to go together. If the colours don’t seem to match, then they won’t make sense as a combination.


⦁    Wear a single piece of jewellery that has gold and silver combined

  One of the quickest ways to mix metals in your outfit is to wear a piece of jewellery that combines colours. For instance, a necklace that has both silver and gold elements in it. Having a piece like this is practical as it can go either direction in one look. You could then pair the necklace with a gold bracelet and a pair of silver earrings and then finish your look off with a silver handbag and grey shoes. For timeless pieces to treasure, be sure to look at our collection of jewellery.

⦁    Stacking your metals

  Try to layer or stack two metal colours in one place. You can do this by layering a couple of necklaces in gold or silver or even stack a couple of bracelets or, if you dare, two watches! The goal should be to combine different metal colours. For example, you could pair a silver watch with a gold bracelet and then add a pair of gold earrings to finish the look.

⦁    Don’t be afraid to bring in a new colour

  Most people prefer to keep their metals the same in one outfit. So, if they’re wearing a silver necklace, they match it with silver earrings. But, another way you may want to try combining metals is to introduce a third colour that connects the other two shades. For instance, you could try mixing a gold necklace with a silver bangle and then bring the look together with gold and black earrings and a dress ring that combines all three of the shades.

Mixing Is Up to You

  While there are no hard and fast rules on how to mix silver and gold jewellery, it doesn’t mean you must do anything you don’t feel comfortable with. Do it when it makes sense for the outfit you’re wearing and you’re sure to get it right!


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