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November 19, 2016

The Art of Planning a Wedding Proposal

Image by jancamilleri via Flickr

If you are planning to get married then a thing from which you cannot escape from is the wedding proposal. The meaning of a wedding proposal in one’s life is to search for a suitable spouse. This occasion is already special but to expect the best response from your would-be spouse would make things perfect.

Some tips for planning a perfect wedding proposal are provided here under for your guidance.

Talk about it: Before proposing to your would-be life partner, you should talk about marriage and married life in a natural manner to know her response in this regard. It will also help your girlfriend to know your attitude regarding marriage as she might have been expecting such proposal for a long time. She may not be able to refuse your proposal if you discuss married life before proposing to her.

Select an engagement ring: Though the engagement ring is another important thing to focus on before the proposal, most men get confused while selecting a ring for this occasion. You can ask your family or friends, especially married ones, to accompany you at such occasions as they have passed such tests some time ago. After doing some legwork and research, you will find that Melbourne jewellers create the most beautiful engagement rings. You can find a reputable jeweller there to buy an engagement ring before proposing to your would-be spouse.

Decide on how you want to propose: You can find different videos and messages on social media every day that can instigate you to make your proposal “the best ever”. But you should make a decision in this regard in a natural manner according to what your girlfriend likes. But, you should refrain from advertising your wedding proposal through social media and to others if your girlfriend likes more privacy. But if she wants to enjoy the attention of others then you can propose to her in the presence of family and friends.

Select the right venue: The location where you choose to propose to your future spouse should complement the method of your proposal. The spot you choose for this purpose should be meaningful and romantic so that you can enjoy some moments with her in a dreamy environment after proposing to her. A destination proposal is the current trend in this direction which allows you to pamper your girlfriend in a romantic environment before offering a diamond ring to her.

Tell her about your love for her: It may be difficult to tell her about your love for her at such occasions but you can try to tell her the reasons as to why you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Your way of talking to her may not be much romantic but sharing your views about her will help you in developing confidence between you and your would-be spouse. It will help her to know her importance for you.

So, instead of just saying “Will you marry me?”, you should learn the art of planning a wedding proposal so that you can make your proposal more special and unforgettable. It will surely make her the happiest woman alive.


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