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January 10, 2017

  Picking the perfect prom dress is not an easy task. Here are 8 ways to tell if your dress is just a little too sexy.

⦁    It Converts into a Club Dress

You don’t see a shorter club dress under your long evening gown! If you pick a sheer evening gown, make sure it has abstract prints, pleats, or embellishments, so that you can’t see what’s underneath the dress.

⦁    Your Dress is Too Bright

Neon is not a sophisticated shade for formal dresses. Bright colours can be hard to pull off for prom and if you want to avoid looking tacky you should rather opt for muted colours, pastels, or even darker shades.

⦁    Avoid Cheap-Looking Embellishments

If your dress looks like it’s been put together with a hot glue gun, it looks cheap! The smaller the embellishments on your dress, the better.

⦁    The Embellishments Look Like Cheap Jewellery

Big, be-jewelled necklines make you look old and they may your dress look overly sexy. Keep things simple and pick from a collection of sleek and sexy prom dresses in 2017.

⦁    Your Dress Looks Like Two Dresses

If your dress looks like two different dresses that have been cut in half and sewn together, you may want to consider something else. Don’t go for that overworked, kind of naked, looking ensemble. Instead, stick to a single shade to balance out your look and keep things elegant.

⦁    No Tulle

Tulle, unless you are a performing ballerina, looks overdone for prom, especially the synthetic varieties that are incredibly coarse and stiff. Your dress really shouldn’t be able to stand upright without you in it! You will look far more sophisticated and elegant if you pick a dress that perfectly follows the lines of your body. If you had your heart set on tulle for femininity, try lace instead. But, make sure the lace is scalloped with tiny threads hanging around it or it’s just going to look cheap and tacky.

⦁    Choose the Right Cut-Outs

Cut-outs can certainly be sexy, but they can also be too sexy and far too unflattering if they’re not done properly. Typically, they look more sophisticated when placed above or at the line of your natural waist position. High slits are also great, as are lower backs, and they can look elegant provided they aren’t showing off too much flesh or aren’t placed below your natural waist.

⦁    Avoid Nude Mesh Panelling

Nude mesh panelling doesn’t fool anyone. Sure, it’s great for soothing over those exposed bits of skin that daring dresses and poor cut-outs leave visible, but it only looks elegant and works well if the sheer panels are incredibly thin and match your skin tone perfectly. Don’t try to make your dress look like your skin, it doesn’t often match well. You can either embrace a beautiful neckline or daring cut-out, or pick a dress that turns those sheer panels into something interesting with the help of subtle embellishments, colour, or lace.

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