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March 18, 2017



As a part of an active lifestyle, most athletes and trainers incorporate running in their routines in order to improve cardiovascular endurance. Many people also run as a form of recreation or to support a particular cause. However, it is not uncommon for runners to sustain an injury to their lower extremities. Most of these injuries are caused by problems related to the poor conditioning of the leg and the foot, sudden or intense movements, and weak balance and control. Sometimes, not wearing the proper running shoes can cause these kinds of injuries as well.

Running shoes are specifically designed to relieve pressure from your feet, to make you feel comfortable, and to enhance your performance. ShoeFinale.com offers not only the best running shoes but also a wide range of footwears designed for different activities. Check out which running shoes made it in the top 6 most fashionable list for 2017.

1. Saucony Guide 9

Saucony Guide 9 features the EVERUN technology, an innovative approach to providing support and comfort to your everyday running. The cushioning is offset at 8mm to help you maintain your balance in every step. The breathable mesh removes excess heat and moisture from your feet, keeping them cool and dry all throughout the day. A lightweight sole provides greater traction, better shock absorption, and enhanced flexibility.

2. Skechers GoRun Strada

Skechers GoRun Strada is the perfect choice for sprinters or trainers who want to focus more on speed rather less on endurance. The sole is lined with extra firm foam that enhances your stability at full speed. It helps you deliver a more powerful propulsion while reducing the shock and dissipating the pressure away from your heels.

3. Nike Air Max

Known for its Flywire technology, Nike Air Max tops other running shoes when it comes to providing a comfortable fit and superb traction. This technology integrates with the laces to adapt to the shape of your foot and provide consistent support. The midsole is lined with flex grooves to enhance flexibility while the outsole is designed to provide a full grip on any type of surfaces.

4. ASICS GEL-DS Trainer 20

The Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning Systems of Trainer 20 reduce the impact in your feet and allow movements in all planes of motion. The Dynamic DuoMax Support System which is made to enhance your stability, and the Propulsion Trusstic technology which imitates the tension of the connective tissues of your feet, work hand in hand to help you deliver a powerful take-off.

5. Adidas Pure Boost X

Adidas Pure Boost X combines maximum support and performance with stunning style. These fashionable running shoes feature a comfortable fit that supports the natural movements of the foot. Pure Boost X is also designed to return energy for a more powerful performance.

6. New Balance Zante

Even with the full rear cushioning and firm foam support on the forefoot, New Balance Zante is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. This fashionable shoe is a popular choice for runners because of the wider toe box layered with breathable mesh designed for efficient cooling. The sole is engineered for maximum shock absorption and smooth compression on every stride.


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  2. Nike air max patike su bile moj apsolutni favorit, mada, sada ih nešto ređe nosim. ☺

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  3. Nike air max is to die for! Really love those black shoes!



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