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April 2, 2017


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  Petite and Curvy? Don’t complain! With dramatic curves and eye catching features, this is exactly the kind of build that turns heads and is envied by most. 

 When you've been blessed with a shapely figure, ladies, you want to enhance it even further with designs that flatter and celebrate your petite contours. How will you go about doing this? Follow our 10 tips below and prepare to stand out!

1. Wear High Heels Often

Reality television's most famous star on the planet happens to be petite and curvy, too. Kim Kardashian has brought tons of attention on a global impact when it comes to the non-stick figure, and we love it.

The dark-haired beauty stands 5'3" tall and knows how to dress for her figure. One of her essentials are her shoes. KK walks around in high heels practically all of the time, she says:

"It's not a secret that I wear heels 99 percent of the time. If I do wear flats, it's a momentous occasion, LOL. I live in heels because they're the best way to look taller."

2. Tie It or Buckle It

When a woman is working her natural curves, one simple accessory can gain lots of fashion mileage. In fact, you should collect a variety of belts or wrap around ties and add them to your wardrobe. Casual or dressy, a gorgeous belt emphasizes your shapely contours, allowing for a smaller looking waist and the ideal and much-envied hourglass silhouette.

Fashion experts also believe that a belt will "break up" your shape and add further elongation.

3. Think Boot Cut, Baby!

When it comes to jeans, petite curvy women look especially stunning walking around in the classic boot cut style. Shape magazine did a study on how to fit in your jeans according to shape, and the pros recommend a dark wash color, too, because it instantly slims every gal down, so she appears taller with longer legs. A high-rise cut will also off-set fuller hips, and one with a little stretchy spandex will mold to your shape and flatten the tummy flawlessly.

4. Forget Perfect Hemlines

Another method for creating a smokin' hot silhouette on the petite curvy body is through clever hemlines. In other words, a dress or skirt featuring an asymmetrical cut or hem at the bottom of the garment stretches the length of your calf, especially when paired with heels. The imperfect hemline also draws the eye upward to focus on your curvy shape.

5. Short Is Sexy, Too

Jennifer Lopez is an excellent example of a petite curvy figure, and we can all agree that she is quite glamorous and always sexy. She is a great fashion icon to watch, because she plays around with maxis, midis and her favorite, minis.

 Mini party dresses look fab on you girls, because this style enhances your amazing frame and creates the illusion of longer legs.

6. Say No To "Boxy."

The fashion style you need to avoid is boxy shaped clothing, as it will do little for your curvy dimensions. The style squares you off and adds inches.

You're lucky, because your figure allows you to dress up in lovely fitted tops and dresses. These styles compliment your curves.

7. Cropped Blazer and Pretty Prints

Who says the petite curvy frame cannot handle patterns? You can, and you can go bold. Have a blast creating your unique look, and attach cool designs on clothing.

Add a cute cropped blazer with a flawless fit through the shoulders and a hemline that hits right at the hipbone, and your printed, fun designed garments will look awesome.

8. Keep Boots and Skirts Mono

Glamour magazine's fashion experts recommend petite curvy ladies play the matching game with their boots and skirts. It's a smart concept that looks extra chic on a shorter woman. Just match the color of your boots to your skirt, and you add that sleek, streamlined hourglass shape. Using different textures in the same color family looks gorgeous.

9. Maxi with A Fitted Style

There are some maxi dresses that could swallow you up in fabric, but you can still pull off this stunning look with the perfect cut. Designers suggest slipping into a maxi with a slim-fitting bodice.

Watch out, everyone, this is a knock-out look that you can certainly handle.

10. Monochrome Keeps a Long Line

Think one color, and you nail the look instantly. Petite curvy shapes look spectacular in an ensemble featuring one color. Kim Kardashian is an expert at this. Consider a green dress with a green duster.

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