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April 2, 2017


 Growing a beard has become a popular trend among the male community. From showing the ladies that you have superior genes in order to impress them, to religious purposes, beards have become a dominant trait in most guys. The hairier the beard, the more confident and manly guys become. But growing facial hair is not that easy. From attempting to make a perfect mutton chop, you might end up looking like a homeless person. It takes proper care and nurturing to achieve a beautiful bush on the face. It is not for undisciplined people to have a beard. It takes perseverance and heart to maintain one’s luscious and manly facial hair. Most people think that they can just let it grow and it will turn out to be majestic beard, but it takes discipline to grow it, let alone maintain it. Here are some tips that might help you in taking care of your beard.

1.    Grow it out.

  This is the most important process in having a perfect beard. You need to make it long and bushy first before you can trim it. Wait for at least a month or two. The bushier the beard, the easier for you to trim it. If you trim earlier you might end up making a mistake that will take time to correct. Be a caveman first, then trim it to be a gentleman.

2.    Wash and comb regularly.

  Combing your untrimmed or trimmed beard will make the growth process faster.  It will also improve your beard’s long term health and make it stronger. By brushing once a day it will free your beard from tangling and will encourage it to grow. Choosing the right comb for your beard is very important as it can train and enhance the quality of your beard. Also washing it regularly and applying beard oil is a must. It will prevent it from drying up and itching. Thus giving your beard extra strength and longer life for the future. The earlier you take care of your beard the better, as Beardaholic explains it, and healthier it looks after the trimming. Always remember that a dry beard is an unhealthy beard. You can also consult your local drugstores for products that are good for your beard such as shampoos and moisturizers.

3.    Nourishment for the facial hair.

  The status of your facial hair does not only correspond to your genes but also in a person’s health and diet. By eating foods which are rich in vitamins A, C, B3, and B9, it will fuel your beard’s growth, health, and moisture. Mostly foods rich in proteins and fat will do the trick.  Also, eggs are an important material for the hair. Eggs are rich in proteins which will make your facial hair shiny and strong.  Nuts, lean meat, orange juice, and gelatins will also help. Also increasing biotin in your diet will contribute to the production and health of facial hairs. Biotins are found in liver and seafood. You can also look for food supplements that will benefit your facial hair. Just do not exaggerate in supplying these nourishments for your facial hair. You might end up with hair loss rather than hair growth.


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