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April 25, 2017



  Golf club drivers are important and are one of the most standard golf clubs carried by golfers. They are designed to hit the ball to travel over a long range. They have the largest club head for maximum hitting, the longest shaft and least amount of loft. Choosing your gold drivers can be very difficult at times especially when you are a beginner. You tend to imitate what the pros have without understanding the reason behind their choice. And with the new technology added to the clubs you could get confused in picking the right one. 
  Most newbies end up buying the most expensive one which results in spending too much money. You do not need to waste money on buying the best golf driver for beginners. You just need to pick the right one for you. Nothing fancy and expensive, just the basic need of a driver which will do the trick in achieving that additional 10 yards most beginners want. These 5 tips will help you find the best gold golf drivers for beginners like you.

1.    You should determine the golf driver that is best for you

  There are many specs in golf drivers. From the loft of the club, to the shaft, they can really affect your performance. Most players choose or fit their golf drivers to achieve a whole new level of gaming. So first things first, ask a professional to fit your golf clubs for you. Even if you are a beginner it is important to get your clubs fit to enhance and give comfort in your gameplay.

2.    Try them out first before buying them

  If you are planning to buy your new set of golf clubs, then it is better to take them for a test drive. Most stores that sell golf clubs have indoor ranges for that purpose. Make sure you have a good feel for the club and consult the professionals before making a purchase. Double checking the clubs will ensure that they are suited for your playing style and will save you money.

3.    Choose clubs that have perimeter-weighted heads and lighter shafts

  Perimeter-weighted golf clubs are treasured for their certainty and forgiveness on off-center hits while making the ball fly higher than the conventional clubs. The weight is distributed around the club’s outer edges to stabilize the head on all types of impacts. Also choosing shafts that are lighter is also ideal for beginners. The lighter the shaft, the easier and faster for you to swing the club because of the weight is solely focusing on the head. A graphite shaft is recommended even though it is expensive because of the light weight and flexibility it possesses.

4.    Choosing the Right Grip for your Club

  Choose the grips that are comfortable to you. Remember the only connection you have with your golf club are the grips so choosing the right ones are important. Make sure the grips are not slippery so that you will save yourself the embarrassment of throwing your golf club away. There are many options to choose from when it comes to the grips. Always remember to choose the grips by the size and their overall comfort.

5.    Always Check for Reviews

  There is no harm in researching first before exploring the market for golf clubs. By researching reviews on the internet it will save you time and effort and will narrow down your choice to a small list. You do not have to go from one store to another and still be confused on what to buy. It is better to be prepared and have an idea on what you will buy before you go to the store.


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