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May 24, 2017

Hi guys! How's your week going so far? Today I'm happy to share with you some great news coming from one of my favorite online shopping destinations. I'm talking about ZAFUL. They are about to celebrate their 3rd anniversary next month and in order to thank their customers for their trust they prepared amazing discounts and lower prices than ever.
  I've been collaborating with ZAFUL for some time and was always more than satisfied with their products. I received many beautiful items from their store and I'm really happy with their quality. Whenever somebody asks me to recommend a good online fashion store with affordable and high quality clothes I always tell them to check ZAFUL.
  ZAFUL offers a huge selection of fashionable clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery as well as beauty tools and makeup. During this promotion you'll be able to get your favorite products for cheap, and you can even get some stuff for free. There are many surprises that ZAFUL prepared for us. I'll share a few with you.

- FREE SHIPPING ON ANY ORDER! During the anniversary all customers will get free shipping on any order. So far only orders above $30 had free shipping, but during this anniversary promotion customers will get free shipping on any amount. So now even if your order is less than $30 you will enjoy free shipping for your items.

- GREAT DISCOUNTS! The coupon banner will be placed in the front page page of Zaful, do you can get your favorite ptoducts for cheaper prices. 

- FREE STUFF! You'll have a chance to win some items from their fitness assortment for free, and some other stuff as well.

- LOWEST PRICES THAN EVER! Some items will have the lowest possible price than ever. So, you'll have to be fast, cause offer will be available until the stock lasts. 

- "WHAT'S WORTH TO BUY" ZONE. Read through customers reviews and suggestions on what to purchase.

- FACTORY PRICES! You'll be able to buy many stuff on factory prices. Cool, right?

 As you can see, ZAFUL has prepared many surprises for their anniversary. For the end of this post I want to share with you some items that grabbed my attention the most. Well, since Summer is around the corner and it's vacation time I started looking for some new bikinis. While browsing ZAFUL I found many beautiful designs. Since black is my favorite color I always look for black bikini set first. There are many beautiful options of bikinis in black on their website. Purple bikini designs on ZAFUL are interesting as well. Here are some that I like most.
Hello guys! I'm sure you already heard about Zaful before. It's an online store that offers a huge selection of fashionable clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and jewellery at super affordable prices. It's definitely one of my favorite online shopping destinations. I've been collaborating with them for some time and was always more than satisfied when receive a package from them. The quality of the products is great, customer service is good and the shipping is fast. I don't know what else to ask for. I'm really happy with their products. 
What I actually want to talk about today on the blog is to announce the big anniversary of this wonderful store. They are about to celebrate 3 years of their store next month and they prepared a lot of surprises for their customers. I will share with you just a few of them.

* During the anniversary all customers will get free shipping on any order. So far only orders above $30 had free shipping, but during this anniversary promotion customers will get free shipping on any amount. So now even if your order is less than $30 you will enjoy free shipping for your items.

* Next, customers will enjoy amazing discounts! The coupon banner will be placed in the front page page of Zaful, do you can get your favorite products for cheaper prices. 

* Further surprises, you'll have a chance to win some items from their fitness assortment for free, and some other stuff as well.

* Next, some items will have the lowest possible price than ever. So, you'll have to be fast, cause offer will be available until the stock lasts. 

* Be sure to check "What's worth to buy" zone. Read through customers reviews and suggestions on what to purchase.

* You'll be able to buy many stuff on factory prices. Cool, right?

Zaful has prepared many surprises for this anniversary. Stay tuned and enjoy big discounts and lower prices than ever!
Since Summer is around the corner and the season of vacations is coming it's time to pick out some cute bikinis. My currently favorite colors are red and pink so I have to recommend you to check out pink bikini swimwear as well as red bikini set designs on Zaful.
Here are some designs that I find interesting. What you think? Do you like them?

May 20, 2017

Sewing can seem like such an expensive hobby to get into. The machine, the needles, the fabric, the buttons….it all just seems like such an investment. It seems even more so when you can walk into a store and purchase a shirt for $5 when the fabric to make that shirt would cost you $10!

So why do people say that sewing your own clothes can save you money? The answer is a complex one. We’ll look at both sides of the answer: the instances sewing your own clothes can save you money and the situations where it doesn’t.


When It Doesn’t Save You Money

There are actually very few instances where sewing your own clothes doesn’t save you money. The world of fast fashion has led many people to believe that department store clothing is the better bargain over sewing your own clothing. The reason department store clothing seems like the better option is because of quality. 

Generally speaking, cheaper clothing has cheaper quality. The companies use fabric produced overseas and cheap labor to produce high quantities of clothing. This is fine for some who change out their wardrobe every season. Someone who needs a new shirt or skirt every month to stay up on the trends may find that store bought clothing works for them. However, many people prefer a quality shirt that won’t wear out after 5 washes.

For that, they generally have to pay more. This is where the trend of store clothing being more affordable begins to reverse. As quality rises, the store bought clothing becomes more expensive which makes sewing more attractive economically. Additionally, if any type of clothing needs to be tailored (such as hemmed pants or shortened sleeves), the cost grows once again. This is why many people have turned to sewing their own clothing. 

When It Saves You Money

Sewing becomes a money-saver when quality and tailoring comes into play. When sewing your own clothing, you can make any adjustments you need before the item is made. This eliminates the need and cost of a tailor. This is great for folks who do not fit into standard sizing. If you are a novice seamstress, I reckon that there are cheap sewing machines for beginners and this will help you save a lot of money.
As an added benefit, you get to choose the type of fabric you use and the print of said fabric which increases your creative options and can increase the quality. Even when pieces you make do eventually wear out, when you’ve constructed it yourself it is much easier to repair. By extending the life of your clothing in this manner, you could save tremendous amounts of money each year by not having to replace items.
Another time that sewing your own clothing can save money is when designer fashions come into play. Designer pieces can cost thousands of dollars but when you sew yourself you can make something very similar for a fraction of the cost. This is particularly true when looking at dress clothing. Prom dresses, evening dresses, cocktails dresses, and tuxes are all fairly expensive items to purchase. By sewing them yourself, you can often cut that price tag down by a decent amount. Of course, finding the best sewing machine for making clothes is important. As I’ve said, there are a lot of good models out in the market that won’t break the bank.

Final Thoughts

Depending on the type of person you are, it may seem silly to make your own clothes when you can just go buy some. However, there are those out there who prefer quality over quantity and wish to have truly unique and tailored items of clothing in their wardrobe. Truthfully, neither type of person is wrong if they claim that sewing will or won’t save you money. It’s all in your perspective. 

May 15, 2017

Spring is all about color, joy and freedom. Finally, the long, hard and freezing winter is coming to an end. You absolutely HAVE to celebrate this! Without further ado, we present the top 5 up and coming designers in the spring of this great year!


This company was founded back in the 1930s in Czechoslovakia – this was before it broke up into Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The company earned its name from the founder, a businessman named Jan Nehera,  who once had over 130 stores across three continents. The company’s creative director is Samuel Drira, a man with great experience in designer fashion, who has worked for Hugo Boss and Hermès among other world-famous fashion houses. His attention to color and form is amazing. Nehera’s accessories and clothing items are an emanation of luxury through simplicity. Their spring collection wows with its unpretentiousness, yet unbridled elegance. It is an exercise in twisting, knotting, cutting, and all other creative techniques you can imagine. For example, the collection features shirts with buttons and removable sleeves, soft striped linen, relaxed, comfortable trousers with a tied waist, simple black and/or white tops, light cotton brightly colored dresses and wondrous color combinations.

Rick Owens

Rick Owens is a classic example of the road less taken in fashion design. This American fashion designer dropped out of art school, took a pattern-cutting course and started work in a knock-off designer clothing factory. He launched his company, also called Rick Owens, back in 1994. His products quickly caught the eye of important fashionistas. He had his own runway show at New York Fashion Week just a few years later. Since then his unique vision for fashion, ancient and ultramodern, grungy and elegant at the same time, has become the inevitable uniform of the dark side of the fashion world.


The National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. is holding a special spring fashion exhibit, which it has dedicated to the brand Rodarte. The designers, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, have a unique approach to their clothes and accessories, showing a remarkable connection to both the art and film worlds. This event promises that Washington will give New York a run for its money as the fashion capital of the United States.

Raf Simons

It wouldn’t be completely accurate to call Raf Simons the new Calvin Klein because the old one is alive and well, but it wouldn’t be completely wrong either. Simons is set to become the new head honcho of the world-famous fashion house. The Belgian’s arrival will bring new life, craftsmanship, expertise and drama to the brand.


Acne Studios is a Swedish fashion brand with a wonderful, diverse heritage built on the idea of combining fashion, art, and photography. They offer luxury, ready-to-wear shoes, clothes and accessories, clean cut and comfortable, elegant yet simple and unpretentious. Their styles are definitely worth getting past the name of the brand, which actually stands for “Ambition to Create Novel Expressions.”

Pronation often occurs to people who are usually walking and running, especially runners and athletes. It is defined as a condition where the weight of the heel is transferred to the forefoot. The foot naturally rolls and flattens inwards when one is walking and running excessively.

Oftentimes, overpronation of the foot is characterized as an injury but it is not. The fact is people who have overpronation are more at risk of having injuries.

Runners mostly know this dilemma. A runner with overpronation may experience internal rolling of lower leg, knee and in the thigh area with complete exaggeration. This causes the muscles to have stress in the tendon and ligaments located in the foot. Aside from this, the lower leg, as well as the shin and the knee, rotate too.

Some of the sports injuries that can occur are Achilles tendonitis, Plantar fasciitis, Patellofemoral pain syndrome, Shin splints, Bunions (Hallux valgus), Tarsal tunnel syndrome, and Anterior compartment syndrome.

But the good thing is overpronation of the feet can be addressed properly. While you are at it, you may choose a pair of supportive footwear you may use during running.

Here are some tips you can consider when you are buying shoes for overpronation.

1. Consult your therapist
Before purchasing shoes, check with your sports therapist about the pronation of your foot. If it is confirmed that you have overpronation, he will then advise you on what type of shoes you should be getting. Your physician can also give you the go signal of inserting an orthotic device, if and when you underwent a gait analysis. Orthotic devices can be bought in sports stores.
Also do research on your own on shoes and make sure they have good reviews so you have an idea of the one that is suited for you.

2. Shoes with motion control
A pair which gives stiffer support on the heels and has wider and flatter outsoles is best for overpronation, especially when the condition is severe. While shoes with motion control improve running performance, it highlights more on giving an excellent ride with stability. Shoes with motion control also give premium cushioning technology while easing the stress in the quadriceps.

3. Know the features of the sole
It is best to check out the features of a shoe's’ upper, midsole, and outsole. Uppers should have more breathability with a thermoplastic polyurethane material which gives more stability and durability. Midsole, meanwhile, should have harder materials like Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) that helps in decreasing overpronation.

A harder midsole shall help in compressing less under load and supporting the foot to prevent rolling or flattening. Though it may be a littler heavier, a stiff midsole will improve the torsional rigidity and stability when running. Choosing the right kind of shoes for overpronation is important. It should be addressed immediately to prevent from susceptible sports injuries while running or even walking.

Get your correct fit and size and do not be afraid to try out brands which suit your needs.

Image by Madison Clemmons via Flickr

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is the same for beautiful jewellery. What one person deems a beautiful item of jewellery, others may not like. So if you are looking for some jewellery that suits your particular tastes, you may wish to consider commissioning a bespoke piece. Having some made bespoke is one way to make sure that you get what it is that you want. If this sounds appealing to you, then here are the considerations you will need to take on board before having your jewellery designed by a professional.

Listing What You Want

The first thing that you will need to decide is what type of jewellery you will have made, whether it will be a ring, earrings, necklace, or any other kind of jewellery. When you know what it is that you want, you can then start to focus on having it made and chose from what to make it.

What Materials Do You Want?

You will also have to choose what type of metals or precious stones you want to have your jewellery made from, as there is a lot of choices available in the modern marketplace.
  • ·         Gold
  • ·         Platinum
  • ·         Silver
  • ·         Diamonds
  • ·         Rubies
  • ·         Sapphires
  • ·         Emeralds

 Whether you are looking for something flashy and in your face, or something that is more subtle and discreet, there is plenty of choices to choose from when deciding what precious metals and stones to use. The biggest factor to consider what to use in your jewellery will be your budget.

Setting Yourself A Budget

It is important that you set yourself a budget before you start speaking to jewellers, and make sure that you stick to it. You can work out the rough costs involved by keeping an eye on the price of precious metals. The price of precious stones you can also research online and the quality of the stones will dictate how much they cost, and unlike precious metals, the prices are much more stable.

Finding A Jeweller

You can easily use the internet to search for bespoke jewellery in London, which will show you many jewellers that offer a custom design service. When you have all of your requirements together and know what you want, speak to as many reputable jewellers as possible, explain your needs, and ask them to quote accordingly. Make sure that you choose a trusted jeweller and you can check out their online reputation using the internet and find out what previous customers have to say about them. You can then go through your quotes and choose a reputable jeweller to create your custom piece.

Enjoy Your Jewellery

Whatever type of jewellery you have commissioned, once you decide on a jeweller and they start work on it, it will not be long until you get to wear it and show it off. It is ideal to create a practical piece of jewellery that can be work every day, to ensure that you get the maximum amount of use out of it. Take care of it and follow the jeweller's recommendations for the care and cleaning of it, and your bespoke jewellery will still be dazzling for many years to come.

May 14, 2017

Can’t get enough of the partying? If the party fever is in your veins and you want to have great time, the best time to do it is now because the holiday is all about parties and stuff. And when you talk about celebrations, you need to look at your best while attending to these events. So without further ado, here are some of the recommended outfits that party animals can wear for this time of the year:

1. Stylish dresses from Bridesire – If dress is your kind of outfit, then you should it from Bridesire. This website is known to offer great choices of trendy wedding dresses or brudekjoler (http://www.bridesire.dk/brudekjoler_c97) in Danish and prom dresses gallakjoler (http://www.bridesire.dk/gallakjoler_c113)in Danish that are perfect for holiday parties and gatherings. And what’s best about it is you can all of these dresses at marked down prices so hurry up and avail of their limited time offers today!

2. Blouses from Forever 21 – If you wanna achieve style without having to worry on the price tag, then Forever 21 is the place for you. They house a catalog of sexy blouses fit for casual and formal parties and get your stuff here is always the right move for your holiday party needs.

3. Denim Jeans from Diezel – This is a leading brand when it comes to manufacturing denim jeans. If you want to show up “ruggedly sophisticated”, then it’s time to buy your Diezel and grace the party with these fashionably jagged pairs.

Stay tuned for more updates about fashionable party outfits that you can wear for next season.
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