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May 24, 2017

ZAFUL'S 3RD ANNIVERSARY - Great discounts and lowest prices than ever!

Hi guys! How's your week going so far? Today I'm happy to share with you some great news coming from one of my favorite online shopping destinations. I'm talking about ZAFUL. They are about to celebrate their 3rd anniversary next month and in order to thank their customers for their trust they prepared amazing discounts and lower prices than ever.
  I've been collaborating with ZAFUL for some time and was always more than satisfied with their products. I received many beautiful items from their store and I'm really happy with their quality. Whenever somebody asks me to recommend a good online fashion store with affordable and high quality clothes I always tell them to check ZAFUL.
  ZAFUL offers a huge selection of fashionable clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery as well as beauty tools and makeup. During this promotion you'll be able to get your favorite products for cheap, and you can even get some stuff for free. There are many surprises that ZAFUL prepared for us. I'll share a few with you.

- FREE SHIPPING ON ANY ORDER! During the anniversary all customers will get free shipping on any order. So far only orders above $30 had free shipping, but during this anniversary promotion customers will get free shipping on any amount. So now even if your order is less than $30 you will enjoy free shipping for your items.

- GREAT DISCOUNTS! The coupon banner will be placed in the front page page of Zaful, do you can get your favorite ptoducts for cheaper prices. 

- FREE STUFF! You'll have a chance to win some items from their fitness assortment for free, and some other stuff as well.

- LOWEST PRICES THAN EVER! Some items will have the lowest possible price than ever. So, you'll have to be fast, cause offer will be available until the stock lasts. 

- "WHAT'S WORTH TO BUY" ZONE. Read through customers reviews and suggestions on what to purchase.

- FACTORY PRICES! You'll be able to buy many stuff on factory prices. Cool, right?

 As you can see, ZAFUL has prepared many surprises for their anniversary. For the end of this post I want to share with you some items that grabbed my attention the most. Well, since Summer is around the corner and it's vacation time I started looking for some new bikinis. While browsing ZAFUL I found many beautiful designs. Since black is my favorite color I always look for black bikini set first. There are many beautiful options of bikinis in black on their website. Purple bikini designs on ZAFUL are interesting as well. Here are some that I like most.


  1. Zaful ima prelepe kupaće kostime u svojoj ponudi. :)

    Giveaway je na mom blogu -------> Fashion, Beauty and Style

  2. Zaful has amazing products. Love the first bikini!


  3. Great post!

    You have a nice blog!

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog with a comment! ;oD

    Have a great day!

    xoxo Jacqueline


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