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July 28, 2017

Being in a long distance relationship is not easy. However, if your love is strong, there is no obstacle that you can´t overcome. After all, distance means nothing when love means everything. It is a good idea to shower your better half with gifts every once a while especially if they live far away. Very often, we put ourselves under immense pressure to find the perfect gift, hoping to get the right response from the receiver. We should tell you that it is the not the gift, but the thought that counts. Therefore, it is foolish of you to stress over choosing the perfect present.

Some of the things to consider before splurging on a gift include being well aware of the receiver´s preferences. Even if you don´t choose the gifts they love, getting close to it is much better than missing the mark completely, isn´t it? Therefore, it is a good idea to acquire gifts related to the receiver´s hobbies. Here are some romantic gift ideas for a long distance relationship!
  1. Couple pillowcases

What could possibly be cuter than couple pillowcases? You could keep one pillowcase for yourself and have the other half of the pillowcase design sent to your lover. Therefore, you should purchase two pillowcases, when joined together, complete the design. Or, you can simply customize the pillowcases however you see fit. After all, there isn´t a dearth of pillowcase designers ever-ready to help give your vision a tangible output.

  1. Collect your emails, texts and messages

Wouldn´t you like to recollect memories of the first time you exchanged texts, emails and messages with your partner? If so, you could consider gifting your partner a memoir that contains all the messages, emails, texts you shared in the past. This will help assure your partner of your love for him/her. You can then customize the memoir/book with unique designs and decorations and even use previous text materials as a reference for writing a love story. We are certain that this gift will get your better half smiling from ear to ear.  

  1. Message in a bottle

What could be more romantic and elegant than sending your romantic half a message in a bottle? There´s no denying that sending a message in a bottle is classic, enduring and ageless. You need not wait for a particular occasion to send this. After all, every moment is ideal for declaring your love to your beloved and telling him/her how special he/she is.

  1. How about gifting a long-distance relationship shirt?

If you are proud of being faithful in a long-distance relationship and if your partner shares the same opinion, why don´t you gift your partner a long distance relationship shirt? He/she will be able to wear it wherever he/she goes, warding off interest from other people. After all, doesn´t it get tiring explaining to people that you are in a long distance relationship when they persistently try to hit on you?

July 25, 2017

  U prethodnoj outfit priči glavni akter bila je haljina sa gingham printom. Takav slučaj je i sa ovom današnjom, s tim što je u pitanju drugačija kombinacija boja i svakako drugačiji model haljine. Kao i gingham dezen, tako mi karneri, iako popularni već nekoliko sezona, nisu bili zanimljivi do ovog leta. Ovog leta sam, moram priznati, popustila pred trendovima, i mnogo toga što je u ovom trenutku aktuelno mi se baš dopada. Složićete se da je ova modna sezona prilično zanimljiva.

dress: ZAFUL // sandals: AMI CLUBWEAR // bag: ROSEGAL

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Miloš Mitić 

July 23, 2017

   Pozdrav svima! U prethodnom outfit postu pisala sam vam o omiljenim printovima za ovo leto i najavila da ćete na blogu često viđati komade sa jednim od njih. U pitanju je gingham, dezen koji je popularan već nekoliko sezona, ali je moju pažnju privukao tek ove. Ranije bih išla za upadljivim i šarenim printovima kada su u pitanju letnji odevni komadi, ovog leta, međutim, više mi se dopadaju jednostavniji, monohromatski a ipak efektni printovi. Takav je upravo gingham. U današnjem outfit postu prikazujem vam tek jedan od komada sa ovim dezenom, a nabavila sam ih nekoliko. U toku naredne nedelje očekuje vas još jedan outfit sa gingham-om, no vratimo se na ovaj od danas. Haljina koju nosim je pristigla sa sajta ZAFUL, a ono što mi se kod nje dopalo, osim printa, jesu zvonasti rukavi sa interesantnim detaljem u vidu mašne, kao i off'-shoulder momenat. Ono što mi se pak ne dopada kod nje je to što je, za moj ukus, prekratka, te razmišljam da je skratim i pretvorim u tuniku. Tako je mogu nositi češće, i kombinovati s džinsom ili crnim helankama. U suprotnom ostala bi zatrpana i zaboravljena u mom garderoberu, a to bi, složićete se, bila prava šteta. Na Zaful-ovom sajtu možete naći još sjajnih bell sleeve dress modela.

dress: ZAFUL // bag: LIGHT IN THE BOX // sandals: AMI CLUBWEAR //
earrings: ZAFUL

Miloš Mitić

July 14, 2017

We would like to congratulate you for making the decision to hike! After all, hiking is not only beneficial for your health and well-being, it is also refreshing for the soul. What are the numerous benefits of hiking? Well, it has been found to help prevent osteoporosis and reduce anxiety. In addition to that, hiking can also provide a powerful cardio workout—hiking strengthens your core including your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes etc. It also plays an instrumental role in improving your blood sugar levels and blood pressure. You need not worry about hiking for the first time; we have you covered. Here are the Top 5 hiking tips for beginners!
1. Don’t overdo yourself
Of course, you might not be in your peak physical condition when you hike for the first time. Therefore, it is necessary for you to start small and not overdo or over exert yourself. You need to identify a trail that is a littler shorter than your usual walking distance. You can attempt to hike for around 4-5 hours every day. Hence, before choosing a particular trail, you need to check the estimated time taken to complete a particular hiking trail.
2. Weather Checkup
You need to do a thorough weather checkup before you start your hiking trails. If the weather reports indicate unfavorable weather conditions, you can pack your bags accordingly. The weather report will give you a better idea of what to wear and what to pack. And, if the weather conditions are predicted to be unsuitable for hiking, the weather reports will discourage you from hiking, in turn, preventing you from harm.   
3. Let your friends know about your whereabouts
Before hiking, it is necessary for you to let your friends and family know about your whereabouts and where you will be. Therefore, you need to provide them with an itinerary to let them know where you will be at a particular time, and when to expect you back. It will also give them a proper idea of when to start worrying and call the responsible authorities for help.
4. Carry essentials
In order for you to have a great hiking experience without facing inconveniences, you will need several hiking accessories and essentials. Some of these essentials include sun protection, extra layers of clothing, headlamps, waterproof fire starters such as matches, lighters, extra food and water, emergency tent, and navigation tools.
5. Comfortable Hiking Boots
Contrary to popular opinion, it is ill-advised for you to hike in regular shoes and sneakers. It is almost impossible to enjoy a hike without proper hiking boots. Compared to regular shoes, hiking boots are a lot more lightweight. Hiking boots provide ankle support that can work like a charm when you hike on a difficult trail. Otherwise you could potentially leave your ankle exposed to sprains. In addition to that, comfortable and high-quality hiking boots can prevent your feet from getting cold and can help in wicking away moisture. Therefore, it is imperative for you to invest in a pair of high-quality hiking boots.

With the holiday season already upon us, transporting our luggage to our dream destination becomes a priority number one. A roof rack for your vehicle might turn out to be far more convenient than you thought. It’s primarily used in order to transport different kinds of equipment. Choosing the right one, however, might be a bit more challenging. Here are 5 comprehensive tips which are going to make this process rather seamless.

1. Make Sure It’s Compatible

The majority of car racks come with specific mounting requirements. For instance, hitch rack is going to require a trailer hitch. On the other hand, a spare tire rack is only going to attach to SUVs which have a spare tire that’s mounted on the rear end of your vehicle. However, when you are looking at a roof rack for your family, you need to make sure that the model is compatible with your vehicle.

2. Consider The Equipment You Want to Transport

Needless to say, a little bit of aforethought could go a long way. Make sure that the rack you have set sights on is capable of transporting the equipment you’ve designated it for. There are certain roof racks which are brilliant for loading bicycles but not so convenient when it comes to carrying a regular car carrier, for instance. If you are looking for this roof luggage carrier, you need to make sure that your rack can accommodate it.

Roof racks are versatile in general and yet you need to account for this in advance in order to make the right choice.

3. Removable or Not?

Do you have multiple vehicles that you travel with? If that’s the case, you might want to consider purchasing a removable roof rack. This will allow you to attach it and remove it with the slightest of efforts, hence allowing you to quickly and easily switch it and mount it from one vehicle to another, as long as they are compatible. That’s a great perk to consider.

4. Weigh in the Pros and Cons

Regardless of what you are buying, the old-school yellow pad with two sections – one for pros and one for cons is the best way to ensure that you are making the right call. Pick up the pen and put down all of the advantages and all of the drawbacks of the unit you want to purchase. If the former outweigh the latter, you got a winner.

5. Set a Realistic Budget

Now, the truth is that roof racks are not as cheap as we’d want them to be. Of course, you get what you pay for. If you spend a smaller amount of money, you will get a lower-quality roof rack which won’t hold more than 100 pounds of load. This is absolutely unacceptable. It’s better to invest a little bit more and make sure that you get a product which is going to serve you a great purpose.

Following those quick and comprehensive tips can make your roof rack shopping ventures a little bit less challenging. Of course, there are far more beneficial tricks that you can take advantage of but those are the most integral ones.

Buying a bicycle roof rack has quite clear designation – to let you carry your bike on longer trips on top of your car. However, when it comes to the selection of the best bike rack, it’s worth noting that the process is rather challenging and overwhelming. The right rack is supposed to be compatible with your vehicle and to properly and securely transport your bikes.
Here are a few quick and comprehensive tips that you might want to take into account. For cars, our recommendation is these bike racks.

1. Consider Your Needs

This is undoubtedly the first thing that you will need to take into account. How often will you be using your rack? How many bikes do you have to transport? Is your vehicle equipped with a rear-mounted spare tire rack? These questions will let you know what kind of roof rack to look for and whether there are better options in front of you.

2. Different Types – Be Aware!

There are quite a few different types of racks that you should consider. From strap-on trunk racks, hitch-mount racks to various kinds of roof racks, all of those have their merit and their drawbacks. Not every single rack is available for all kinds of vehicles and this is something that you should consider. The last thing you’d want is to purchase a rack only to find out that it doesn’t work for your vehicle.

3. Removable or Not?

If you have multiple vehicles and you travel rather commonly, you might want to consider purchasing a removable bike rack for your vehicle. This will enable you to switch it up and install it on the other vehicle quicker than you thought. They are also easy to store and maintain.

4. Capacity

Before you go ahead and purchase a bike rack, you have to count how many bikes you are actually going to transport. If you are transporting just your bike, there is no need to purchase additional and expensive mounting equipment.

5. Budget

You get what you pay for. There are budget buys and then there are those who are looking for the highest quality. Of course, this is also something which is going to impact the budget. However, when it comes to purchasing a bike rack for your equipment, it is highly advisable that you do not make any compromises to save money. It is better to invest a larger and more serious amount of money now instead of having to collect what’s left pf your bike in the middle of the road.

It is very important to stay on point and to purchase a great bike rack for your vehicle. With this in mind, the aforementioned comprehensive tips are specifically hand picked to help you out with this undertaking. Hopefully, they are going to make it a lot easier. There are other things to consider but these are generally the most important ones when it comes to picking bike racks.

July 13, 2017

  SLOW ÂGE je relativno nova linija proizvoda francuskog kozmetičkog brenda VICHY. U pitanju su proizvodi za negu kože a koji deluju na znakove starenja u nastajanju. Namenjeni su svim ženama koje su izložene štetnim uticajima iz okoline i koje žele da isprave postojeće znakove starenja kože i da uspore njihovu pojavu. Najnoviji proizvod iz ove linije je dnevna krema koja po rečima proizvođača smanjuje postojeće znakove starenja na koži i usporava njihovu pojavu kako bi se očuvao mladalački izgled i blistavi, zdravi sjaj kože. "Koža je u trenutku hidrirana i zaštićena. Iz dana u dan koža je glatkija, boljeg tonusa i mladalačkog zdravog sjaja." Ova krema je namenjena za normalnu do suvu kožu, a takođe je mogu koristiti i oni sa osetljivom kožom. Njeni glavni sastojci su ekstrakt korena bajkalske kapice koja ima antioksidativno dejstvo, probiotski sastojak bifidus, kao i VICHY mineralizovana termalna voda. Sadrži zaštitni faktor SPF 30, štiti od UV zračenja i zagađenja. Ne sadrži parabene. 
  Koristim je svakodnevno nešto više od dve nedelje, tako što je ujutru nakon umivanja nanesem kao dnevnu kremu. I da, koža je zaista u trenutku hidrirana, nežna i meka na dodir, izgleda zdravije i sjajnije. To je upravo ono što očekujem i što je mojoj koži potrebno od jedne dnevne kreme, budući da mi je koža u poslednje vreme postala jako suva, i ne samo suva na dodir već se i blago peruta u T zoni. Razlog za to osim spoljašnjih faktora, jeste i to što unosim manje vode nego što je potrebno. To je nešto što pokušavam da promenim, a što mi ne ide baš lako, no ukoliko želim da sačuvam svoju kožu moram se truditi da je hidriram kako spolja tako i iznutra. U ovom prvom mi svakako pomaže ova VICHY krema. A ne zaborivamo da uz hidrataciju pruža i zaštitu od štetnih uticaja okoline i UV zračenja kome je naša koža naročito izložena tokom letnjih meseci. 
  Kada su u pitanju anti age kreme, među devojkama, odnosno mladim ženama vlada mišljenje da je još rano koristiti ovakve kreme, da im još uvek nisu potrebne. Ali zašto čekati da se pojave prvi znaci starenja kože pa tek onda delovati? Naime, stručnjaci savetuju da već sa 25 godina treba početi sa korišćenjem anti age krema, jer tada u organizmu počinje da se smanjuje produkcija kolagena i elastina, koža polako gubi sposobnost vezivanja molekula vode pa se na licu pojavljuju prvi znaci starenja. U mom slučaju, za sada još uvek nema vidljivih znakova ali ako se njihova pojava može usporiti svakako sam za upotrebu krema poput ove iz VICHY-a. 

   P.S. VICHY u apotekama ima specijalnu promociju u okviru koje se uz kupovinu VICHY nege za lice dobija na poklon torbica sa VICHY proizvodima - dezodorans + mineralne maske za hidrataciju. A na njihovoj facebook stranici je u toku foto konkurs gde možete osvojite još VICHY proizvoda.

tekst i fotografije:
Katarina Mitić

July 10, 2017

   Dok sam prethodnih leta "ludela" za komadima upadljivih šarenih printova, ovog leta biram monohromatske a ipak efektne. Prugice i gingham su moj izbor za ovu sezonu, te na blogu možete očekivati dosta kombinacija s komadima ovih dezena. Već u današnjem outfit postu nosim prugastu haljinu sa sajta LIGHT IN THE BOX, inače jedne od meni omiljenih online shopping destinacija. Uz pomenute printove, vez je još jedan od trendova koje ću rado poneti ovog leta. Vez na ovoj haljini je ono što me je prvo njoj privuklo, a kombinacija prugica i veza činila mi se kao pun pogodak. Da zaista volim komade sa vezom dokaz je i torba koju sam ovom prilikom nosila, a koju sam poručila sa sajta ROSEGAL. Što se tiče obuće, izbor je pao na crne sandale sa sajta AMI CLUBWEAR. Duže vreme tragala sam za ovakvim modelom, međutim sve sandale na koje sam nailazila bile su, bar za mene, previsoke. A onda sam pre par meseci na AMI-u ugledala ove sa debelom štiklom od 8cm. Idealno! Odmah sam ih poručila! Iznenadila sam se koliko su udobne i kvalitetne. I konačno, outfit sam upotpunila parom tassel minđuša sa sajta MINI IN THE BOX. Minđuše su komad nakita koji ne nosim često, i nemam ih puno u svojoj kolekciji, no obožavam ove sa kićankama i u poslednje vreme naručila sam nekoliko pari različitog dizajna i boja. Neću više dužiti već vas prepuštam fotografijama, ispod kojih možete naći sve linkove za poručivanje.

earrings: MINI IN THE BOX

fotografije: Miloš Mitić

Rosegal offers many designs of backpack cute. And they are very popular at the moment, right? Visit them and find a perfect one for you. Also don't miss to check out their big Summer Sale!


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Do narednog posta,
Katarina Mitić  

July 9, 2017

 photo: Tijana Hrčak

 Za šest godina koliko Dare 2 Wear postoji objavila sam preko 1000 postova. Zvuči neverovatno, zar ne? Budući da je Dare 2 Wear značajan broj pratilaca stekao u poslednje 2-3 godine, to su i postovi iz ovog perioda najčitaniji na blogu. U današnjem postu sa vama delim 10 postova iz arhive a koji su zavredeli najviše vaših pregleda do sada. Među njima su se našli postovi najrazličitijeg sadržaja, pre svega outfit postovi ali i postovi iz oblasti lifestyle-a i nege i lepote. Neki od tih postova su meni posebno dragi, i nadam se da ćemo zajedno uživati u ovoj retrospektivi.


 Jedan od postova koji vam se do sada najviše dopao na blogu je outfit post u kome nosim košuljicu sa kaktus printom. Tu su i rese, i šešir i sve zajedno sa lokacijom me jako podseća na Arizonu, te otuda i naslov posta. Da pogledate ovaj post kliknite OVDE


  Sledeći na listi je post iz nepravedno zapostavljene rubrike na blogu. Reč je o rubrici "Coffee break" gde sam s vremena na vreme sa vama delila fotografije kafića koje sam posećivala a čiji su enterijer i ponuda na mene ostavili prijatan utisak. Jedan od meni dražih postova iz ove rubrike, a sudeći po vašim pregledima i vama se dopao. Naime, post donosi priču o jednom neobičnom, retro kafeu u Ćupriji, gradiću koji me je neizmerno očarao svojom lepotom. Reč je o kafeu "Vagon", smeštenom u pravi vagon kojim su Jugoslovenske železnice prevozile putnike s početka 80-tih godina. Kao neko ko obožava vozove odmah sam se zaljubila kako u njegov eksterijer tako i enterijer. Čitavu priču i više fotografija možete pronaći OVDE.


  I dalje smo u domenu lifestyle-a gde sam smestila i rubriku "Travel Journal". Najčitaniji post iz iste je 2 u 1 post - travel + outfit priča iz Budve. Preciznije, fotografije su nastale u Slovenskoj plaži uz čiji se mediteranski ambijent svojim koloritom odlično uklopila i moja odevna kombinacija. Kliknite OVDE za čitav post.


  Dosta pažnje vam je privukao i post o šestom blogorođendanu. Ovaj jubilej, na koji sam veoma ponosna, proslavila sam ovog marta u društvu saradnica bloga i prijatelja iz sveta blogovanja, u divnoj atmosferi kafeterije "1st Coffee Bar" u Nišu. Fotke sa ovog mini event-a uz osvrt na ovih šest godina blogovanja podelila sam sa vama u postu koji, ukoliko ste propustili, možete naći OVDE.


  Sledeći u nizu postova koje ste najviše čitali na blogu je još jedna outfit priča. Po sredi je jedna sasvim jednostavna kombinacija ležernog sakoa, džinsa i majice sa printom. Ipak, tu je jedan detalj koji je začinio čitavu kombinaciju i učinio je zanimljivijom - espadrile sa neodoljivim printom flamingosa i palminog lišća. Ceo outfit pogledajte OVDE.


  Jedan od najčitanijih postova na blogu je i post o makeup favoritima marta meseca ove godine. U ovom postu sa vama sam podelila svoje utiske o proizvodima brendova: AURA, GOLDEN ROSE, RIMMEL, INGRID COSMETICS, ELIXIR i FEMME COUTURE. Bez obzira na to što je D2W osmišljen i usmeravan tako da bude pre svega modni blog, drago mi je da rado čitate i postove iz beauty sekcije. Ja zaista uživam u pisanju ovakvih postova i raduju me vaši komentari na račun istih.  U slučaju da vam je promakao ovaj post klik OVDE.


  Post o omiljenim devojkama sa instagrama vam je takođe bio interesantan. Izdvojila sam 10 instagram profila koje redovno pratim i koji su meni lično inspirativni i zanimljivi. Reč je o profilima modnih blogerki koje imaju sjajne stilove i sjajne fotografije. Neke od njih su Rebeka sa bloga The clothes Horse, Rejčel-Mari sa bloga Jag Lever i Luana sa bloga Le Happy. Ko su ostale devojke pogledajte OVDE.


  Dolazimo do još jedne odevne kombinacije koja je zavredela veliki broj vaših pregleda, a i meni je jedna od omiljenih. U pitanju je outfit iz isključivo bohemian faze, leto 2015. Boho haljinica, rese i neizostavni detalj gotovo svih mojih kombinacija iz tog perioda - šešir. Tu su i flash tetovaže koje su, sećate se, bile pravi hit tog leta. Drago mi je da vam se ovaj post dopao, a svi oni koji su ga propustili mogu ga pročitati OVDE.


  Recenzija novog VICHY IDÉALIA noćnog pilinga je još jedan od top 10 najčitanijih postova na D2W. U ovom postu sa vama sam podelila utiske o ovom proizvodu nakon dve nedelje svakodnevnog korišćenja. VICHY je jedan od mojih omiljenih brendova kada je nega u pitanju, i za narednu nedelju vam pripremam recenziju još jednog sjajnog proizvoda iz njihovog asortimana. A ovu recenziju možete pročitati OVDE.


  I na kraju, rado ste čitali i post o prvom okupljanju blogera iz južnog (ali i istočnog) dela Srbije. Mesto okupljanja je bio Niš i neizmerno simpatičan ambijent kafea "Paris Art". Bila je to sjajna prilika upoznati zanimljive devojke koje se bave istim hobijem/poslom i dele ista interesovanja kao vi. Tekst o ovom meetup-u možete pročitati OVDE. Ovu priliku bih iskoristila da pozovem sve blogere sa pomenutih prostora, ukoliko su zainteresovani za organizovanje druženja poput ovog, da mi se jave putem maila ili facebook stranice.

Do narednog posta,
Katarina Mitić
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