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August 17, 2017

4 Reasons to have your future husband’s ring engraved

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 photo via: womenitems.com

For engaged couples, one of the most important decisions they would make is choosing the wedding rings that they would be wearing throughout their marriage. It needs to not only have a durable material but also must represent the personalities of the couple.

Most men’s wedding rings are just plain wedding bands, especially for those men who are not fond of jewelry and prefer a simple design. If you want to make your future husband’s ring different from the usual, you can have it engraved or inscribed.

While engraving or inscribing the wedding rings has become a common practice for many couples, there are those who decide not to do so as they think there is really no significance if they get their future spouse’s ring inscribed. But check out some of the reasons why it would be a good idea for you to do.

1. It makes the ring unique – your wedding band may be a simple design and you may actually meet couples who will have the same wedding ring, but the fact that you will choose what message goes into the ring is what makes the only ring of its kind. There will be no other ring like that in the world as the message that you will put in your future husband’s ring is one that is made especially for him and no one else’s.

2. The personal message makes it special –  the message that you will put in the ring will be very special for your husband. You can even create a message that will only be understood by him. It may be a secret code of numbers or just symbol that you know he alone will be able to comprehend.

3. It will be a constant reminder of your love for him – depending on the width of the ring, some brides may even opt to put some of their vows as engraving. This is great as whenever your husband gets a look at his ring, it will be a reminder of just how much you love him and want to spend the rest of your life with him.

4. It’s a symbol of your commitment to each other – after the wedding ceremony and the reception, aside from the thousands of photos and videos taken during the wedding, the rings are the one thing that will be a constant symbol of your commitment to each other. If you put your vows or even just the date of your wedding, it will be a reminder of not only the love that you both have for each other but also the date of one of the most important events that have happened in your life.

For some men, their rings might actually the only piece of jewelry they will own or wear. So, to make it more special for your future husband, it is imperative that you put a unique twist in their rings. These men’s stainless steel rings are perfect for engraving and will definitely please your future husband.

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