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August 2, 2017

5 Benefits to using a garment steamer

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photo via: fashion-ation.net

If you are having a hard time on choosing between the traditional iron and garment steamers, then allow us to clear up the confusion for you. You see, there are many disadvantages of using traditional irons, and with garment steamers, all of these disadvantages are eliminated along with other benefits that will surely make you choose the garment steamer in a jiffy.

We all know that using traditional iron can damage the fabrics on our clothes and draperies. Yes, they can surely straighten your pants, clothes and make them look chic and fit, but in the long run, using traditional iron on them would make the color of the fabric dry and faded. Traditional irons also overstretches the fabric making them bigger through time, we all have experienced those body-fit shirts getting oversized after some time. And traditional irons play a big role in it, as we press the iron on our clothes the fabric gets stretched and stretched losing its natural form. Another disadvantage of using traditional irons is the space needed, not only do we need to set-up the iron, we also need the ironing board. In today’s fast-paced world, every minute counts, thus, it would really be a great help to shave off the time for setting up the iron and its ironing board.

Fortunately, with the emergence of garment steamers, we can all now enjoy a faster and more efficient time in getting our clothes and other fabrics fresh, new-looking and fit. Below are the 5 benefits that you will enjoy with garment steamers;

Faster in getting your clothes done

As we have said above, time is very important in today’s world. Getting our clothes fixed using garment steamers can only take us a few minutes. You won’t have to bother setting up the iron board and changing the position of your clothes when pressing with the iron. With garment steamers, all you need to do is to hang the clothes and run the garment steamers to get rid of the wrinkles and freshen up your clothes.

Simpler process

With garment steamers, all you need to do is to run the garment steamer on the fabric. You don’t need to bother with the amount of pressing power you will have to exert when ironing. With garment steamers, all you need to do is to consistently run the garment steamer on wrinkled spots and it will naturally do its magic.

Healthier for clothes

Garment steamers work by applying steam to the fabric, this steam relaxes the fibers and naturally unknots them making them look fresher and new. Thus, they don’t overstretch the fibers, garment steamers only apply the least amount of pressure conserving the quality and brand-new look of your clothes.

Savings in your electricity bill

Irons consume a lot of power. In fact, irons are one of the biggest contributors in our electrical bill along with refrigerators, air conditioners, and heaters. Much power is consumed when electricity is being converted to heat or cold. Now, consider how hot traditional iron gets? That is also proportional to its electric consumption.


When going on travels, especially business travels, you will only rely on dry cleaning shops in order to get your suits and clothes done. However, with garment steamers being portable and light, you can save a lot of money from the dry cleaning fees and do your clothes yourselves.

As a final note, there are much more uses of garment steamers, if you want to know more about them, then you can visit SteamerLand.

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