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August 20, 2017

5 Tips to finding teaching jobs in Greenwich, UK

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  Whether you are searching for a teaching job as a new graduate or as a seasoned teacher, there are many things that one must consider before filling out their application. Specifically with young graduates, choosing a location for which one would like to teach is a decision that can likely set up their path for the future. Where they end up working may just be where they end up settling down, getting married, and having a family. Another popular trend is to get a teaching job in another country and taking the time to experience a new culture and way of life. This article will specifically highlight some tips to finding a teaching job in Greenwich, UK.
  1. Prepare your resume and cover letter. Once you have graduated and have your teaching certification, it is time to prepare your resume and cover letter. Be sure to include everything that your potential employer may find interesting in their consideration to hire you to teach at their school.
Another tip is to make sure that you tailor your cover letter the the specific job you are applying for. For example, if you are interested in applying for a teaching job in Greenwich, UK, it is a good idea to be familiar with the area and the school district as well as their teaching vacancies. This way you can mention specifically in your cover letter what teaching position interests you and how your skills be an asset to them.
  1. Look for jobs online. Once your resume and cover letter are prepared, you can search for jobs online. Searching for jobs online is the easiest way to find vacant jobs as well as apply for the position. There are many great neighborhoods in search of teachers in the UK. For example, there are  teaching jobs available in Greenwich which is a nice neighborhood in South East, London.

  2. Make sure your credentials will be accepted in the UK. Before you get too far in the interviewing or job search process, be sure to check that your credentials will transfer and be accepted in the UK. If you live in another country, you will likely need to provide a copy of your teaching credentials to prove your ability to successfully teach. 

  3. Research how to acquire a visa. Perhaps one of the hardest aspects of getting a job in the UK is obtaining a work visa. If you are working in England and your job will sponsor your visa, you should not have any issues obtaining one. However, if your job is not keen on sponsoring you as a host to the UK, you will want to begin working on getting a visa now so that you do not run in to problems when you get hired and need to move overseas in a short period of time.
  4. Register with a teacher recruitment agency. If you are not finding success in obtaining a teaching job by applying online on your own, it may be worthwhile to invest in registering with a teacher recruitment agency that can help you land something at a fast pace.

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