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August 10, 2017

How To Choose An Engagement Ring For Her Lifestyle

Image by libsciterp via Flickr

  While wedding bells may be ringing in your ears, don’t let them blur your vision. It is important to pick an engagement ring based on her lifestyle – one she will be comfortable wearing and won’t have to take off often. Here’s how to pick the perfect ring for her lifestyle.

⦁    Consider the environment she works and relaxes in
Comfort isn’t just a physical thing, it also includes her state of mind. You want her to feel loved as she wears her ring, not unsafe or awkward. For instance, if she is a social worker who workers in poorer areas, an expensive ring may send the wrong message or draw unwarranted attention. On the other hand, if she is a fitness fanatic, her ring may need to withstand her daily crossfit classes and will mean you need to choose a secure setting that can handle wear and tear. There is a range of custom engagement rings in Toronto at Diamonds for Less to choose from.

⦁    Consider the size of the ring
Her lifestyle and the size of the ring are also important factors. For the first few weeks, she is sure to obsess over her new sparkler, but it should never cause her to lose circulation or worry that it is going to fall off. A ring that’s too small or too big is just as risky and uncomfortable, so make sure you know her size before you pick a ring. Keep in mind her finger size could differ depending on the temperature and her activity level. 

⦁    Think about the prongs
The prongs that hold the stone in place are going to catch on a thread occasionally, but this should not be a regular occurrence. Again, think about how she uses her hands daily to ensure you choose a setting that will suit her day to day lifestyle. While pointy prongs may look great, they’re more susceptible to hooking on things.

⦁    Don’t Go for Shanks That Are Too Thick
You may have your heart set on a chunky triangular shank, for example, for your bride-to-be, but a thinner band may prove much more comfortable for her. Be sure to discuss these kinds of things with your fiancé or even take her along with you when you go to buy her engagement ring so that you find the perfect size and design that she will enjoy and that will fit in perfectly with her lifestyle. If she really puts her hands to good use every day and is a little rough with them, she may prefer a simple, classic ring without prongs or much bling. If she is more computer-bound and you have a dishwasher to wash up every day, then a great, big sparkler may just be the way to go!

Take note of these tips and you’re sure to find the perfect engagement ring for the one you love.


  1. These are fantastic tips! I am sure they will be very very helpful for someone ring shopping :)

  2. the size is the most important!



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