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September 29, 2017

5 Tips to learning music for the first time with an ukulele

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 Do you find interest in musical instruments such as a guitar? If you are new to playing musical instruments there are several ways that you can learn. You can take a course online, learn from an instructor during one on one sessions, or you could read this article and teach yourself. Here are 5 tips to learning music for the first time with an ukulele.
1. Find the best ukulele right for you
 Searching the internet for the right ukulele is a great place to start. You can find a wide variety of instruments along with varying price points when you shop online. Not to mention, you have consumer reviews at your fingertips so you can be sure that you are selecting a good quality instrument for the money you are paying.
2. Holding it right
 When learning to play, it is important to hold the ukulele correctly as it is a very challenging instrument to play because of its size. Because of it’s size, a ukulele tends to confuse the user as to what the proper position of your arm should be to accommodate the area for strumming and pressing fret. The right position to strum the ukulele is on the neck plate of the ukulele and the rest of the arm covers the body of the ukulele to support the instrument. Keep in mind that the ukulele does not require much effort to hold; it’s just like cuddling a new baby.  
3. Learn basic chords and parts of ukulele
 The upper part consists of strings that are called the string 4 area and it is where the highest notes down to string 3, string 2 and string 1 are located. The vertical line called the fret. The sequence of the fret starts from the tuner and is the first fret then next is the second and so on. Here are some basic chords of ukulele:
  • Press the string 1 to the 3rd fret using your ring finger that is C chords
  • Press the string 4 to the 2nd fret using the middle finger that is A minor
  • Press the string 3 to the 1st fret using your index finger and then press the string 4 to the 2nd fret using your middle finger that is the F chord.
  • Press the string 3 to the 2nd fret using your index finger. Next press the string 1 to the 2nd fret using middle finger and then press the string 2 to the 3rd fret using your ring finger and that is the G chord.

4. Practice and Explore

 The best way to learn the ukulele is to practice and practice all the time. In fact, practicing is a long-term part of learning ukulele. As with anything, the more time you invest into practicing and playing the instrument, the better you will become.  
5. Consider joining a band
 As you learn all the basic and proper ways of using an ukulele it is better to have a potential group that could maximize your skills in ukulele. In addition, socializing with other players of any instrument can give you ideas and feedback about how you are using your ukulele. Finally, they can also provide noteworthy feedback as listeners which is very important to either to better your abilities to play the instrument.

1 comment:

  1. lovely post! it's wonderful if you can play an instrument - no matter which. i'm playing the piano since the age of 6 and i wouldn't want to miss it!

    i have tried to learn playing the guitar but didn't succeed. ukulele is such a lovely instrument, i really love the tune.

    dahi from strangeness-and-charms.com


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