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November 10, 2017

5 Tips to Planning a Casual Wedding

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 photo via: lovewedbliss.com
Casual weddings have become the new cultural obsession. These days, everyone seems to have turned their backs on the pomp and pageantry of traditional weddings. Instead, they want a celebration that embraces relaxed charm and understated elegance. This new blend of informality leads to a beautifully charming aesthetic, creative expressions of personality, and the discovery of a new style if casual elegance.
Despite its name, casual weddings are usually the hardest celebrations to plan. What kind of gown will you wear? What will be your guest’s dress code? What kind of foods should you have on the menu? And, most importantly, what will your brand of “casual” look like?
The casual wedding has a lot of moving parts, and you can easily drop the ball if you do not know the answer to these questions. Luckily, these five tips can help set you on the right path to planning the perfect casual wedding:
1. Get the Right Invitations
The look and feel of your wedding invitations will be the first thing to clue guests in that this is not just another traditional affair. It will give them an idea of the mood of your wedding, its level of formality, and what to wear.
Instead of the usual engraved invites on heavy stationery, why not try using handmade papers that have soft surfaces? You can also work with textured ribbon detailing, whimsical imagery, and other casual wedding motifs. You can also use unexpected color combinations to give guests a hint of the fun times to come. Lastly, creative and personal wording is a must. You might choose to compose and write the text of the invitation yourself, or sample font styles that do not have too many flourishes.
2. Choose an Ideal Location
The best location for this type of soiree is one that lets you stretch your legs and let your hair down for a day (and night!) of leisurely partying. Look for a place that has a rustic but refined charm to it. This could be anything from a ranch, meadow, beach, or forest clearing – depending on your personal preferences. Whatever the case, choose a location that provides a unique sense of informality.
3. Find the Perfect Dress
When it comes to casual wedding gowns, there are hundreds of different styles to choose from. You could go with a simple sheath, strapless sundress, or a retro pantsuit. The traditional princess look could never fly in a casual wedding, but you can revamp any vintage gown into the right piece for the festivities day. Simply put, the bride can wear whatever she likes that sticks to the casual yet elegant feel of the big day.
4. Don’t Overdo the DIY
DIY is a great way to add a personal touch to any celebration. It can also provide that whimsical quality that is so important to any casual wedding, and save you tons of money in the process. However, taking on too many DIY projects could turn this from a fun activity to a long, stressful process too close to your big day. Instead, try bringing in the professionals to do most of the DIY work while you focus on the most important pieces and party favors for your guests.
5. Pick the Right Menu
When it comes to the menu, the choice really does come down to you. Do you picture your guests eating family-style on long wooden tables, or lounging around for a pleasant picnic? Whatever the case, you must ensure that your guests will be comfortable. This includes having the right seating, as well as enough food and drinks.
For a casual wedding, anything you can eat with your fingers is a good choice. Think of menu items like smoked meats, grilled vegetables, succulent fruits, and imported cheeses. Another popular option is to provide rustic bread that is served with sweet butter and homemade preserves. You can also include pitchers of lemonade and sangria or carafes of wine from your local vineyards.

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