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January 5, 2018

4 Factors To Consider When Choosing Bespoke Engagement Rings

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Designing bespoke engagement rings can be a wonderful experience that brings a couple together and makes them both feel an important part of the process. There are, however, pros and cons to choosing a custom-made ring.

This article will list some crucial points to consider when buying bespoke engagement rings so you can find the best one for your bride’s desires and needs. If you still have a big question mark beside the where you are going to search for this extra special ring, you can find some stunning bespoke engagement rings at Serendipity Diamonds UK.

What’s so special about bespoke?

You can find the perfect engagement ring when you go down the bespoke route. It leaves so many options open. For example, you get to select and combine separate elements from diamonds and gemstones to the setting and band, then pull them together. This creates something truly unique and individual to your relationship.

What to consider before you buy the bespoke ring…

You want to make an informed decision when you purchase something that your other half will be wearing for the rest of their foreseeable future. This means you want to really plan out the process and review the pros and cons. Here are some great things to start thinking about:

Ø  Is your budget ready for it? Don’t be surprised that going down the custom route will be more expensive. You can find yourself paying up to 3x the amount you would for a normal ring depending on where you go. Of course, this also depends on the design and stone you choose.

Ø  Plan out your time carefully – Going custom will no doubt have you spending more time on the whole process. When you collaborate with the designer, it can take months up until 1 year until the ring is complete. If you are looking at the lower priced custom design rings, then you can be looking around a few months. Considering when you want to propose however is crucial so you can have the ring ready when its time.

Ø  Be prepared to pull your weight! Even though bespoke rings are much more exciting than buying off the shelf, it does need more involvement from you. You will need to commit to meetings with the jeweller and designer plus be willing to put in time to do the research. This research will ensure you create something that is perfect for your loved one. You may want to ask friends and family, check in their jewellery box or collaborate with them on the design. Also, before you even go to the jeweller you should have your idea sketched out so they can get an idea visually of what you’re looking for.

Ø You only have so much power. Even though you’re paying out the cash, the jeweller will have the end say on what’s possible design wise. They will also take into consideration the metals, stones and other ideas you wish to have built into the ring.

These are just a few things you will want to consider before choosing a final design. Going with something bespoke can make a world of difference to the proposal and when done tastefully, will be remembered fondly for years to come.

1 comment:

  1. If I ever get married I'd love to get me a nerdy ring. Something not so shiny and perfect, but something special for me.
    I must admit getting a classic diamond ring is tempting, but I'd be scared to wear it considering how much it costs and how dumb I am and loose my jelwery all the time :D


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