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January 23, 2018


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  Every woman wants to restore her pre-baby body. Some celebrities have managed to get their bodies back after having a baby. Some have revealed how they wore corsets to achieve this. If you are hearing about girdles for the first time, you might be wondering why women wear them. There are various reasons why you might want to wear postpartum corsets. Check below to see the benefits you stand to gain by wearing the girdles and perhaps try them next time.

Many people think that they will feel uncomfortable if they wear girdles. But that is a wrong impression. After the birth of your child, you are likely to feel as if your organs are moving in the additional space. Wearing corsets helps to avoid such feelings hence making you feel comfortable. It also makes it easy to sit in bed even without applying your arms.

Speedy after pregnancy recovery

You may wear girdles if you want to have a speedy post pregnancy recovery. This is because, after the delivery of your child, the midsection gets deflated. It takes some time for the stomach muscles to recover strength and get back to the normal size. In case of a C-section, the girdles add excellent incision support hence assisting in the quick recovery of the muscles.

Reduces back pain

Having back pain during pregnancy is normal. Persistent pain after giving birth can be annoying. Not only that but it will also assist to improve your posture. Wearing corsets after giving birth may help to reduce the pain.

Boosts your confidence

After spending nine months carrying your baby and walking around with a protruding belly, you need to have or wear something that will boost your confidence. The binders help your stomach to get back to its previous size hence enabling you to wear the clothes you wore before with confidence.

Disadvantages of wearing corsets

According to a few healthcare providers, putting on corsets might affect your digestive system, anxiety incontinence e as well as weaken your back muscles. This is because they bind the stomach wall too firmly.
Combining tight girdles with vigorous exercises raises the risk of low blood pressure, clots, and weakened bladder. That is why it is necessary to consult your obstetrician before deciding to use a girdle. You may also check the postpartum girdles review to find the recommended for you.


Most women get disturbed about their shape once they give birth. Regaining your lost shape is not easy and may take a long time if you are not wearing corsets.  That is why it is essential to use girdles to restore your body shape faster. However, finding the best from the many in the market is not easy because there are several brands. You may check reviews or ask your obstetrician so he can advise you on the best way to go about regaining your shape. If you also had a C-section, you should consult your doctor before wearing the corsets immediately after having your baby.

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