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February 28, 2018

8 Dress Styles And The Appropriate Undergarments

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Girls seem to have a love/hate relationship with underwear. The right pair with the right dress can make you feel ultra-hot. But, the wrong pair can lead to some serious wardrobe malfunction worries. When it comes to formal dresses, there are so many choices out there that require different kinds of undergarments. Here’s our top tips to pairing the right undergarments with different styles of dresses for your next formal event.

1. Strapless Dresses
If you’re keen to rock a sexy strapless dress to the event, you’ll need to ensure your bra is also strapless. If you’re a C-cup size or smaller, you can go down one size on the band so that it is super-snug and stays in place all night. Another great option is a strapless body suit if you’re larger than a C-cup. The body suits offer great support and won’t slip down, so you can hit the dance floor all night without having to tug at your undergarments. If you fancy a strapless dress, check out this year’s hottest styles.

2. One-Shoulder Dresses
One shoulder dresses are invogue, but they come with pesky undergarment issues. You can wear a strapless bra but if you prefer more support, opt for a convertible bra that lets you remove a strap.

3. Open Back Dresses
Good news – you don’t have to totally ditch the bra to look amazing in a backless dress. Backless and strapless front bras that have sticky side wings could be your lifesaver. They offer all the coverage and none of the straps. If you dress has a really low back, choose low-rise underwear, hipster style so they don’t pop out over the back of the dress. Get your dresses at Prom Dress Shop and be amazed by their huge selection of gowns available.

4. Form-Fitting Dresses
If you have your heart set on a clingy or form-fitting formal dress, you’ll want to ensure you don’t have visible panty lines. A great option is to wear lycra shorts that sit snuggly against your skin and are seamless.

5. Halter Dresses
These are really flattering cuts, which makes them popular for formal events like prom. You can keep bra straps from sticking out by wearing a convertible bra, where the straps go around your neck, just like the dress. Or, you could just take the straps off.

6. Sheer Dresses
It can be tricky rocking a bra with sheer backs and necklines without the bra peeping out. If a front or strapless bra doesn’t work with your dress, skip the bra altogether and use sticky nipple covers. They’re comfortable and will save you from mortifying flashes.

7. V-Neck Dresses
If your dress has a plunging neckline, opt for a low-plunge bra to keep you covered while leaving you bare in all the right places.

8. Nude Dresses
A nude dress can look stunning on pretty much all skin tones, but you need to be careful about your choice of undergarments. Find underwear that’s as close to the same colour of your skin as possible, staying away from white or black which will be noticeable under a nude dress. Fortunately, there are plenty of undergarments that cater for nude dresses and cuts, so it’s easy enough to find something to match your skin tone.

Take note of the points we’ve shared to ensure you choose the right undergarment to go with your formal dress.

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