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June 7, 2018

Choosing Accessories for a Woman’s Suit

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Why Should Ladies Accessorize their Suit

The amount of female professionals is definitely on the rise, and with it, the demand for well-tailored and fashionable women’s business suits. There are some differences between the Men’s suit and the ones for the Ladies, as while a man can get away with an off the rack suit, a professional lady really needs one that fits perfectly, or it can give a less than impressive impression. A bespoke tailored, and classy looking business suit, will not only make you look thoroughly professional, but also helps to help you give off an air of confidence, with the added benefit of making you feel very good about yourself. For ladies, who generally forego the tie that the Gentlemen use, it is important to accessorizethe suit so it doesn’t have a stale uniform look about it, and to help the lady stand out from the crowd. The suit itself can look great, but it is possible to take things further and give it an individualist look.

Choosing the Right Clothing Accessories

Starting from the feet up, the shoes are vitally important to get right. Generally speaking, a pair of classic black pumps is going to work really well, with heels between 4-7 centimeters. Less may make your legs look a little stumpy, while higher might be appropriate for socializing, but not for the office. With work shoes, comfort is a very important factor, as you will often be wearing them for long periods and it is vitally important to make sure your shoes are polished and in good condition.Stockings should be worn with a skirt, with nude being preferable, though black is an option with darker suits, but should be plain, not patterned or in any way racy. In the same way that men need a nice shirt, so too for the ladies is a nice blouse. White is the generally favourite colour, but make sure it fits well and definitely make sure it is not too tight.

Additional and Fashionable Accessories

People tend to notice what you are wearing on your wrist, so it is an important area to think about. A good classic watch is expensive, but will last a lifetime and will generate respect. On the opposite hand bracelets may be a good idea, but it is important that they are not going to make noise when you move your arms. Opt for something classy, like stylish silver bracelets for women which will complement the watch. A silk scarf will help to add a dash of colour and is a chic accessory that can add a little zest to the suit. For the professional woman, one of the most important accessories has to be the bag. A briefcase or leather tote, instead of the traditional handbag adds that touch of professionalism.

Moving Beyond the Basics

There are many more options that the professional lady can choose with which to accessorize. Diamond earrings are always impressive, as is a Pearl necklace. You may want to wear a nice gold, or diamond ring to accentuate your look. The basic of it is, try to make it fashionable and stylish and don’t go overboard. If you have half a dozen rings on each of your fingers, that may be all the person you meet remembers about you.

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